Claire White


How can I make the fonts bigger on Mac?

Image Source From its early days in the mid-80s itself, Mac systems identified differently from other computer makers due to its exemplary support for numerous fonts. macOS versions often changed their primary fonts as detailed below: OS X El Capitan…


Why is Disney Lettering so Popular?

Image Source Disney lettering is a homogenous typeset of an open-source font designed by Justin Callaghan, popularly known as Waltograph. The typeset boasts of different versions, many of them fall under the initial subject ‘Walt Disney Script.’  Origins Walt Disney’s…


Can I use a sharpie to write calligraphy?

Image by: Alice-wang Origin of Calligraphy Calligraphy is an aesthetically pleasing artistic font that emerged in the ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty and became widespread later, in the Han Dynasty. However, the word ‘Calligraphy’ translates to beautiful writing, originating from the…