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How To Add Fonts To Imovie

How To Add Fonts To Imovie (Image Source) Today, video creation is in huge demand due to the rise of social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. A huge chunk of videos is being published every day on…


How To Stretch Font In Photoshop

How to Stretch Font in Photoshop Image Source Adobe Photoshop is a great tool for creativity. You can play around with images, texts, and graphics in ways you would have never imagined. With the rise of such a tool, there’s…


How To Make A Sound Font

Image Source Are you in search of tips on how to make a SoundFont? There are thousands of SoundFonts available free of charge in every sound category imaginable. Naturally you would wish to make SoundFont yourselves. This article covers the…


How To Change Font In Excel

How to Change Font in Excel Image source Fonts (used for headers, titles, etc.) create a professional look to your sheet and make it easy to read. If you are an MS Excel user, you must have wondered how to…


How To Change Default Font In Libreoffice

How to Change Default Font in libreOffice? Image Source What is LibreOffice?’s successor, the free and powerful LibreOffice, has millions of users across the globe. Your creativity and productivity will soar with this program’s easy-to-use interface and plenty of…