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How To Add Fonts To MS Word

Image credit MS Word is a tool used primarily for writing and editing textual content. Writing content without an automated tool like MS Word can seem like an uphill task. However, MS Word helps in the creation and management of…


How to Add Fonts to Photoshop

Image credit Photoshop is widely used software to design layouts, logos, posters, campaigns, etc. It has many tools and options that help in bringing out creativity. You can only remember a few tools that are required by your work. There…


How to Install Fonts on a Mac

Image credit Today, computers and the internet run our world. It becomes imperative that we acquire some amount of computer skills to run our life. The more the knowledge you have about computers, the better you are going to navigate…


Brief History of Calligraphy

Image credit Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully, with the proportions of letters in harmony. The visual appeal of this skill is indicative of the in-depth knowledge about the written form and the ability to create pieces of handwritten…