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MS Word is a tool used primarily for writing and editing textual content. Writing content without an automated tool like MS Word can seem like an uphill task. However, MS Word helps in the creation and management of simple content, quite efficiently. It is also used for certain other functions, such as the depiction of graphs, charts, and figures in support of the content. The addition of supportive features makes content creation easy and accessible.

Highly preferred for content writing and editing, MS Word offers many features to users. To make content interactive and impactful easy, MS Word also offers features like the addition of shapes, graphs, and charts inclusion. For years, it is has ruled over the software domain for content production and development in an acceptable format. Every smallest detail in a text can be added using MS Word. Whether adding apostrophes, superscribing, capitalization, font styles, colors, and images, MS Word does everything for the user’s content.

The latest version of MS Word supports customized content and text development for web page, application resumes, letters, and textual manuals. Features like pagination, content justification, word counting, auto-correction, hyperlinking, table addition, citations, and bibliography make MS Word an incomparable writing tool. Also, users can explore how to add fonts to Word.

Fonts in MS Word

MS Word also provides a wide range of fonts for selection to use in content pieces. Different types of content pieces are developed like for user interface, art and illustration, a publication based, graphic, and digital to fulfill the demands of branding, marketing, and communication.

Text and font styles go hand-in-hand for different kinds of content presentation in MS Word. Advertising agencies, marketing companies, and PR firms continuously create content and communication for users on online and offline channels. On a number of occasions, content written should accompany the text for communication purposes. There are content pieces created for other visual forms, which can also be created using the Word tool. It also works as an effective tool for creating prototypes for content designing.

MS Word fonts support adding text to images and help create an interactive content piece for better user communication. Therefore, usage of MS Word to produce balanced, spell checked and precise content has become an unavoidable necessity. While many users also explore on how to add fonts to Word docs.

Making use of Fonts

The usage of fonts can be traced back to ancient handwriting patterns and types. When handwritten accounts originated in around 5500 years ago, the origination of characters and the alphabets system paved the way for the aesthetic appeal of style-based writing. The birth of calligraphy and typography also stimulated writing manuscripts in a particular way. This led to the creation of text in specific formats. In history, when writers, authors, and connoisseurs of communication wrote in a specific way, it inspired the concept of designer fonts. Since then, fonts have been an integral part of many online tools and they have been making the text look attractive and appealing.

Some common fonts used by content writers and communicators frequently are:

  • Arial
  • Garamond
  • Times New Roman
  • Verdana
  • Tahoma
  • Century Gothic
  • Baskerville

MS Word is easily available and the latest version was included in the MS Office Suite, which was released in 2019. MS Word is preloaded with many fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Cambria, Calibri, Helvetica, Candara, and many more. The fonts available in MS Word are free for usage and without any copyright. And users can also check on how to add fonts to Word through various available resources.

According to popular research, a font like Arial has been recognized as the most easily read and memorized font in the text. While Georgia and Helvetica have been crowned as the most eye-pleasing fonts. The role of the font may be under wraps, yet content developers and graphic designers understand the importance of using a specific font for conveying messages in diverse formats. The creative expression of a message, whether in an advert, banner, standee, outdoor billboard, or in web copy, should communicate the content in an engaging manner. A font not only expresses the communication but it also makes the message look better and in synchrony in MS Word.

Several writers have made use of MS Word for authoring books. The availability of different types of fonts, ease of editing, spell checking and grammar check, makes many young writers utilize MS Word docs. It is a very helpful tool to produce grammatically correct manuscripts for research work too. With the wide availability of fonts, Word docs also aid in writing short stories.

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How to add fonts to MS Word

Plain text can be augmented to a significant level using MS Word features. With functions like text bolding and italicizing, writers can put more stress on selected words. A word document also has the ability to insert other MS Office suite documents like MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Graph Chart. MS Word works in multiple ways to add value to textual content created by the user. If a user wants to download fonts in MS Word, then it can also be done. Technically, a font is characters in the same styles, weight, and width. MS Word offers the liberty to include in different fonts for the content. When a font is unavailable in the software and the user opens the document containing that font, MS Word notifies the user to download the font. It provides the option to use a different font or download the same font.

In MS Word, fonts are available in different shapes, styles, and classified in many forms. Language fonts are also used increasingly in content pieces across all types of channels for readers. In MS Word, fonts can be easily added. With any operating system, the software offers ways to add a wide variety of fonts for users. To add, the user can experiment and can also check on how to add fonts to MS Word.

Here are the main steps to add fonts in MS Word:

  • Download the fonts of choice. A zip folder containing the font will get downloaded on the local computer.
  • Right-click on the zip folder and extract the files. Font files usually have extension such as .otf, .pbf, .ttf etc.
  • Right-click on the extension file and choose the install file.
  • Users can also install the font to MS Word using the Control Panel of the computer. Go to Control Panel>Click Appearance and Personalization>Click Font>Right click on the list of fonts>Install font and click Ok. The font will come to appear in dropdown options of the MS Word file.
  • Users can also directly install specific fonts by unzipping the fonts in a folder.
  • After installing the zip file of fonts, unzip the file contents.
  • Click on a particular font type. It will open with a button Install.
  • Click install and select install for all users on the computer. This will ensure that the font appears across MS office versions and user types.
  • While exploring on how to add fonts to MS Word, the user can download the font from Microsoft Store or MS Store with these steps:
  • Go to settings>select personalization.
  • Click fonts>select get more fonts in MS store.
  • Select font family and press get in MS store.
  • The selected will appear in the dropdown fonts menu across the MS Office suite.

From offices to channels for online education, heaps of text is being generated using MS Word documents. Content marketing initiatives largely depend upon long and short formats of content pieces. They are generally created to build and nurture reader interest. Documents created using this popular tool can be easily accessed for editing. The track change feature of MS Word is highly utilized in editing of text information. Similarly, additional comments can also be added to text for highlighting modifications. Such features make MS Word the most preferred text writer and editing tool.

Fonts are crucial for writing long format texts like instructional manuals, whitepapers, and eBooks. Long-format contents are usually developed and edited further into readable and graphical formats. Fonts play a substantial role in making the text readable. The aesthetic appeal of a textual document created in MS Word leaves a greater impact on the reader’s mind. When texts are graphically well-presented, they draw readers easily and add value to the effort. Fonts, thus play a key role in harmonizing the user experience, build interest, and help a user stick around for a longer time. User can always refer online sources to find on how to add fonts in MS Word for the text to appear relative to the subject. For filling valuable information and sending docs over any online platforms, users have been making use of MS Word documents in large numbers for years.