Meet The Serif

We are a closely-knit group of talented, accomplished, and experienced multidisciplinary designers with a passion for creating and collecting high-quality fonts and typefaces.

Our team of design professionals has a rich background in the industry, having handled creative projects for high-profile clients. Our founders have handled digital and print creative projects and are well-versed in SEO, SEM, design elements, typography, content, and analytics. They have leveraged best practices in the industry and their innovative skills to create tailored marketing messages for multiple clients.

Our vision and mission

We are keenly aware of how typography helps build a distinct identity for your company or brand and how it helps your customers form a lasting impression about your business. Our aim is to provide businesses and designers an exhaustive collection of modern to funky, vintage to nature, silly to epic fonts, and everything in-between. 

We attribute the success of TheSerif to a combination of in-depth knowledge of different typography and font styles, sizes and types, and a deep-rooted passion for empowering creative professionals, designers, and marketers to meet their creative objectives.

As the preferred destination for Creative Market fonts, beach fonts, nature fonts, fall fonts, winter fonts, and much more, TheSerif is designed to cater to all your typography and font needs.

Values and guiding principles

While we are proud of our typography and digital creative expertise, our clients are our primary focus. We seek to nurture our relationships with our clients by adopting a transparent, ethical, and efficient process. Everything that we do at TheSerif is geared to make finding the right typography and font an easy, enjoyable, and quick process. We encourage our clients to provide feedback, suggestions, as well as their creative work to build and nurture an interactive platform.

Our client-centric focus has also meant that we are continuously updating our website with the trendiest, funkiest, the most modern, and the best of vintage fonts.

Start browsing and find the perfect font for your creative project in quick time!