How to change default font on mac

Mac is Apple’s flagship computer and laptop product line that can be used for a variety of purposes. Known for their chic designs and the performance that matches up, a Mac is great for any professional setting.

It is great for editing documents, rendering graphics, or even making music. Mac and its MacOS are now optimized for virtually everything. This is the product that launched Apple into the world of tech. The elegant yet utilitarian design has been a mainstay in the world of computers now and many have followed suit.

They have been an industry leader since the late 80s and have continued being so even in 2022. Now priced better than ever and within the reach of most people, Apple’s Mac has been dominating the laptop and computer market once again.

Now with the M1 chip that has better performance than ever, Apple has once again established dominance and reminded people why they are the best. This is something that they have focused on since day one of their inception.

Being the perfect mix of performance and design all Mac products are slim and well suited for a variety of applications. They are more reliable than their counterparts and do not work

How to change default font on mac –

The default all across the apps and software on a Mac is the Helvetica Neue. It is a simple-looking font that fits well with the theme of the Mac and is a great addition for anyone looking for a simplistic design.

But many people like to customize their fonts to make it easier to read or soothing for their eyes. It also is a great way to make your Mac much more personalized.

Getting the font of your choice is one way of doing that. Personal expression has always been a very important part of Apple’s philosophy and they make sure that people have the choice where it matters. Ready on to find the answer to “How to change default font on mac

If you want to change the default font on the Mac then it is a very simple process too –

  • Select the font that you want to resize or change
  • Go to the format sidebar and then click on the style button
  • A font pop up menu shall appear from which you can choose any font that you wish for
  • Click on the arrow keys on screen to adjust the size of the font and set it as per your liking

Sometimes you might have to restart your computer so that the changes can be applied. This is the answer to “How to change default font on mac

How to change the Font size in Safari

Older people mostly like the larger text on their screens so that they do not have to strain their eyes while using these devices. So changing the font size is a must for everyone with glasses.

  • First off open the safari browser on the mca and go to any webpage.
  • To increase the size of the font all you have to do is press the Option, common, and “+” buttons together. Adjust the zoom till it feels right to you.
  • To decrease the size of the font just press the “-” button along with Command and option.
  • You can also go to the View menu and make the text bigger from there too.


  • Go to the pages app and then go to the Menu bar at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down to Preferences and click on that. If you want to load up preferences you can directly do that by pressing the Command and comma keys together.
  • Now the general tab will open up on your screen. Uncheck the Default Font box and then click on the same box.
  • After you have clicked on it another box will open up. Here you can select the Font Size and the Font Name as per your liking.
  • Select the font of your choice as the preferred font and check the box
  • At the top left corner press, the “X” and you will be able to close the preferences tab.
  • Restart the Pages app so that you can see the changes that you have made. Sometimes you will have to restart your computer to see the desired changes being applied.

Hope these solutions answer the question – “How to change default font on mac”

Here are a few reasons why a Mac would be the best fit for you


Major stores almost always have Macs and you can order one with the specs that you like online from the store itself. And since you have limited choice you will only have to go through a few options to see which one is for you.

Not only that, you can buy a Mac online via Amazon or the Apple store and it will be delivered to you in no time. If you are not tech-savvy but want a reliable machine that will not let you down then the Mac is the one for you.

Repair Centers

Macs can be repaired at an authorized center easily and hardly take any time for processing. It is a machine that will last you a long time, but even if something happens you can be guaranteed a repair in no time at the Apple Store.

The genius bar is a great place to get a diagnosis of your problem and get an estimate as to how long would it take to get the machine repaired.


The macOS is far superior as software and easier to use too. It is much more efficient with your resources and visually pleasing too. It has a very clean and simple to use GUI which is preferred by many people.

The Ecosystem

If you have an iPhone then getting a Mac is a great option to become a part of the Mac ecosystem. It not only helps with great data transfer speeds but also the seamless integration is great.

Home devices like the Apple Tv can be combined with the Mac for a great viewing experience. The seamless integration of Apple devices with one another is a great feature that can influence your decision.

Free software

Many of the Macs come with great software like iMovie, Image Capture, and Garageband for free. You can edit, and make a movie or a song with these programs easily. And the best part is that they come free with every Mac.

If you think that these aren’t enough for you. You can then buy the full-fledged version which has a similar interface to these but is much more powerful.

No Bloatware

Apple App Store is a very strict place only the Apps that have passed rigorous checks can be installed. This leads to less bloatware on your computer and no unnecessary apps will come pre-installed.

Less bloatware means that your computer can perform at its best. At the end of the day, the machine that performs better is the winner in every category.

Free updates

Whenever a new version of Windows is launched you will have to buy it again and install it. But if you get a Mac, all the updates will be free for life. You will have access to the latest macOS and decide whether or not you want to install it.

Also, Mac is constantly being updated as compared to its counterparts. This is a very big reason to get a mac instead of anything else.

Better Displays

Macs in general have the class-leading displays and since 2015 they have had the Retina displays. They rival displays of much more expensive TVs and give you great visuals no matter what you are watching.

Most of the Macbook Pros have a retina display but even the lighter Macbook Airs have a great display. It’s a matter of choosing between good and very good.


A trackpad on a mac lasts much longer than anything else in the market. It is durable and remains functional for a very long time. Not only that, it is virtually maintenance-free too.

They are very responsive and track better than most other options in the market. This is why they are very popular amongst people with trackpad-heavy professions like graphic designers and music producers.

Windows is supported

If you do not like the MacOS for some reason and want to switch to Windows for certain things then that is doable too. You can install the Windows Operating System on your Mac and use it sometimes.

Mac has been the go-to computer for many people in the industry and continues to be innovative. It is a great machine that will last you a very long time without much maintenance. And once you need to get it repaired that is also a very easy process.

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