How to Rotate Font in Photoshop

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Looking for quick and easy ways to rotate fonts in Photoshop? We’ve got you covered with another perfect guide from the Photoshop series. In this article, you’ll learn how to work with text layers, how to rotate the entire font and even single alphabets in this creative software. So. let’s get started, shall we?

Introduction to rotating font in Photoshop

Rotating font is a thing! As with images, you can add various effects to your fonts as well. This is a part of a process that makes your design stand out and gives it a unique visual appeal. By bringing changes to your font, you can align it with any graphics or images that are related to the project.

If you’re new to using Photoshop, let us tell you that this is an easy software to learn if you know the correct steps to do a thing.

In this article, we will walk you through steps for rotating plain fonts and also graphical fonts. And, the various ways you can do so.

How to rotate font in Photoshop using the free transform tool?

Create a text layer

Step One: First start with a new project in Photoshop. To do this, open the software Adobe Photoshop. Then, head to the File menu from the menu bar at the top. Select New Project. You can also create a new file.

Step Two: Fill in the necessary details like the name, dimensions, etc.

Step Three: Select the Layer menu from the menu bar, and select New >> Layer.

Step Four: Name this text layer and click on OK.

Adding Fonts in the text layer

Step One: Select the Text Tool from the toolbar at the left. The icon that denotes the Text Tool is ‘T.’

Step Two: Then, click on any point on your canvas. You see a blinking cursor. This is an indication that you are ready to start typing fonts.

Step Three: You can type some dummy text if you are a beginner and wants to practice the technique. For example, type the word ‘FONT.’

If you are looking to directly apply this effect to your decided fonts, go ahead.

You can select any font style and font size of your choice. If you love to experiment, try some unusual combination of fonts and explore where your creative side takes you.

How to rotate font in Photoshop using the free transform method?

Step One: After typing the font, head to the Edit menu from the menu bar. A drop-down menu appears.

Step Two: Select the option ‘Free Transform.’ If you are someone who loves keyboard shortcuts, you could skip this step and follow its alternative. On your keyboard, press Control + T if you use Windows, and Command + T if you use Mac. You can see a bent two-side arrow appearing on your canvas.

Step Three: Place this arrow on your font, and rotate it in any direction you wish.

Step Four: Click on the ✓ icon that appears below the menu bar to finalize the changes.

With this technique, you can rotate the font anywhere from 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

How to rotate font in Photoshop by 90 degrees or 180 degrees?

If you want your text perpendicular, using the free transform method might not give you accurate results. In that case, follow these steps.

Step One: Select your text layer from the Layers tab at the bottom right.

Step Two: Head to the menu bar and select the Edit menu. A drop-down menu appears. Click on the Transform option. You have two options to rotate your font—clockwise and counter clockwise. Make a suitable selection.


Step One: Select the Free Transform option from the Edit menu in the menu bar.

Step Two: Then select the text and right click on it. You’ll see a menu appear. Click on the Rotate 90° or Rotate 90° counter clockwise option as per your needs. If you want your text to rotate 180 degrees, select the Rotate 180° option from the menu.

How to rotate font in Photoshop using text orientation?

All steps that we saw by far are applicable to horizontal text. However, if want to add the same effects on vertical text, you can do so by first typing text vertically and then following the mentioned steps accordingly.

How to type font vertically in Photoshop?

The steps are simple. Select the Type Tool from the toolbar, and select Type Vertical Text. The remaining steps remain the same as that of typing horizontal text.

How to rotate the existing font in Photoshop?

If you have a horizontal font and want to rotate it in a manner that the entire text appears vertical, check this out.

Step 1: Select the horizontal font that you want to rotate by clicking on it.

Step 2: Below the menu bar, you will see two text orientation icons. Click on the vertical orientation icon. This will transform your text.

You can use the same process by orienting vertical text horizontally. For doing so, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Select the vertical font that you want to rotate by clicking on it.

Step 2: Below the menu bar, you will see two text orientation icons. Click on the horizontal orientation icon. This will transform your text.

How to rotate graphical font in Photoshop?

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The graphic text differs from the plain text in look and feel. They are more attractive than regular black and white fonts. You can use them to create attractive text effects. Let’s take a look at how to rotate a graphical font. Before following the steps below, make sure your graphical font is in place.

Step One: Select the Move Tool from the toolbar at the left. This tool is denoted by the letter ‘V’ and is the first tool on the toolbar.

Step Two: Go to the text layer in the Layers tab that has the graphical font in it. Select the layer.

Step Three: Check if the Transform Control option is enabled at the top. If not, enable it by clicking on the checkbox button. This ensures that your transform tools are visible to you.

Step Four: Hover over the selected text. You can differentiate it from the other text easily, as there are tiny squares that are present on the border of the selected textbox. Stop at the corner of this textbox where you can see a bent arrow icon.

Step Five: The bent arrow icon is an indication that your font is ready to rotate. Drag the icon in your desired direction and see how the font rotation happens.

Step Six: Once you are satisfied with the rotation, click on the ✓ icon below the menu bar to finalize the changes.

To speed up the process, Photoshop offers a feature that rotates your font by 15° at a single time. To enable this feature, simply press hold the shift key while you move your text around using the Move Tool (as mentioned above).

How to rotate font in Photoshop using individual alphabets?

If you don’t want to rotate the entire font at once, but instead go with single alphabets, it’s absolutely possible in Photoshop.

To do this, you must first convert your fonts to shape. Head to the menu bar and select Layer. A drop-down menu appears. Select Type. A sub-drop-down menu appears. Select Convert to Shape.

Once your font is converted to shape, follow these steps.

Step One: Head to the toolbar at the left, and select the Path Selection Tool. This tool is denoted by an arrow icon and is located below the Type Tool that is denoted by ‘T.’

Step Two: Click on the individual alphabet you wish to rotate. To differentiate the selected alphabet from the rest, you’ll notice tiny square boxes appear at the border of the alphabet. These tiny squares are called anchor points.

Tip: If you want to get more creative, you can drag the alphabet to any location to create a unique effect.

Step Two: Press Control + T (for windows) and Command + T (for Mac) and rotate the alphabet in your desired direction.


Head to the Edit menu from the menu bar. A drop-down menu appears. Select the option ‘Free Transform.’ Then head over to your alphabet and rotate it freely.

You can also stretch the alphabet bigger or smaller from its corners.

If you want to rotate the alphabet 90 degrees, then after the transform tool is activated, right click on the alphabet. A menu appears. Select from either of the options—Rotate 90° clockwise, Rotate 90° counter clockwise, Rotate 180°.

You can further go and flip the alphabet from the same menu. There are two options to do the same—flip horizontal and flip vertical.

While these steps are for individual alphabets, you can go ahead and follow the same process for as many alphabets you wish to rotate in your entire font.

This brings us to the end of our article. Hopefully, you find these methods and steps useful and try them on your own.