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How to Increase Font Size in PyCharm

Image Source Python is one of the widely-used programming languages for the development of applications in today’s software development world. In fact, its popularity has soared in recent years due to the simplicity with which we can design codes. Writing…


How to Increase Font Size in Intellij

Image Source IntelliJ Idea, formerly known as IntelliJ, is one of the top powerful IDE: Integrated Development Environments for Java. It was created and supported by JetBrains. IDE was created with high developments to help with and improve coding quality….


How to Add Fonts to Elvui

Image Source People think that playing video games is child’s play. That is not true. Video games are popular among both children and adults alike. In fact, it is found that parents across the world are getting more attracted to…


How to Change Minecraft Font

Image Source Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Launched back in 2011, this sandbox game was an instant hit and has remained the same. The game was developed by a Swedish game developer, called Markus…


How to Change Font in Renpy

Image Source Fonts are surely one of the most important elements of a good visual novel. Ren’Py, a commonly used application to build visual novels, supports several TrueType, OpenType as well as Image-Based fonts. As a creator, it is only…


How to Add Fonts to Blender

Image Source Before getting into the detailed explanation on how to add fonts to Blender, let us first get some background about the software. If you want to create three-dimensional graphics then there is no better way of creating them…


Quick Ways to Rename a Font

Image Source Text fonts are important in writing. They have the potential to transform your message into an impactful statement. You should also know what font style to use for the type of message you want to convey. For instance,…


Steps to Clear Font Cache

Image Source All operating systems create a cache for used fonts. The purpose behind it is to save time. This is how it works – every time an application is opened, the fonts on that application load faster and faster….