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If you want to change the font color in Javascript, this article covers how to change font color in Javascript using an example. But before going into that, let us first understand a bit about the programming language – Javascript.

What Is Javascript?

Javascript, introduced by Netscape in the year 1995, is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. Many web browsers make use of Javascript to do dynamic things. It was earlier known as LiveScript and then changed to Javascript.

To make it, even simpler to understand what Javascript is, consider some web features that you use every day in the life like a dropdown box. Whenever you click a drop-down list, you will see a list of items. The list appears because of the effect of Javascript. Apart from the drop-down list, the automatic updates of the Facebook timeline and the search terms that Google suggests automatically, all happen because of Javascript. Without Javascript, the web would have mostly been static web pages.

How HTML and CCS languages give structure and style to web pages, similarly, Javascript language makes the elements on the web pages interactive for the users. It converts a static web page into an interactive web page that helps in significantly improving the user experience. Javascript programming language is the third layer in the standard web technologies. First comes the HTML, then CSS, and finally Javascript.

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): It is a markup language used to give structure to the website content. For example, defining paragraphs, headings, subheadings, incorporating images, embedding videos, and more.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): Using CSS, we can style the content of the web pages. Styling of the content includes setting colors to the text, applying background color to the web page, and more.
  • Javascript: It is a dynamic programming language used to make web pages interactive. This includes animating the images, dynamically updating content, dynamically changing the colors of the text, interactive forms, and much more.

This brings us to the question of what exactly is Javascript used for.

What Is Javascript Used For?

Besides using it for web-based applications, it is also used in servers, building mobiles apps, and more. Here is a list where Javascript can be used:

  • Making web pages interactive

To make the web pages interactive, we need Javascript. We can make the elements on the web pages interactive by using Javascript. Some examples of what Javascript can do include, hiding a piece of text when clicking a button, changing the color of a text when clicking a button, animating images, etc.

  • Creating mobile applications

Besides its use in web applications, we can also use it in creating mobile applications on tablets and smartphones. We can use Javascript frameworks to create mobile applications. These frameworks are a collection of Javascript code libraries that developers can use to develop web applications and mobile applications.

  • Creating browser-based games

We can also use Javascript to develop games that can be directly played from the browser.

  • Used in back-end infrastructure

Apart from using it in front-end development, we can use Javascript in the development of backend infrastructure using Node.js.

How Does The Javascript Work?

Javascript is a client-based scripting language which means the language runs inside the web browser. The way Javascript works in the browser is simple. Once a Javascript code is placed on a web page and the browser loads the web page, a built-in interpreter in the browser reads the code and runs it. Thus, ultimately performing the task that the Javascript code was written for.

The built-in interpreter is the Javascript engine. Javascript engine is a program written in the C++ language which reads every line of the Javascript code, character by character, and transforms the code into machine-readable code. The engine plays a critical role in executing the code.

Some advantages of using Javascript include:

  • Javascript can execute immediately on the client-side browser.
  • It is a very simple language to learn.
  • The language is very popular and is used almost everywhere on the web.
  • It works along well with other languages.
  • It allows us to develop high-quality interfaces.

That said, now, the question is where to write the Javascript code. Below we will give you the basics of where to write and execute Javascript code.

Where To Write The Javascript Code?

You can write Javascript code directly from the browser or can write in Notepad or in Code Editors. However, browsers and text editors are generally not used. These can be used for practicing Javascript. The ideal way for writing scripts for small and bigger applications is by making use of code editors.

To write the Javascript directly from the browser, you need to do the following:

  • Open your web browser whether it is Chrome or Firefox.
  • Open a new tab in the browser.
  • In the new tab, right-click and choose “Inspect”.
  • Once you do that, a developer tools section opens. In that section, you will find the “Console” tab. Open it. Here you will find some text, clear that.
  • In the “Console” tab, you can write the Javascript code and execute the code. However, remember that you can only execute one command at a time.

For writing Javascript in an HTML file using Notepad, you need to do the following:

  • First, open the notepad on your Windows.
  • In the notepad write some basic HTML code.
  • Now, save the file. When saving the file, you need to change the “File format” with the “.html” extension. Save the text file with the “.html” extension. Now, you will see the text file changed into a web file. Next, you need to write the Javascript code in the HTML file.
  • After writing the Javascript code, now double-click on the file to execute the script in the browser.

For writing Javascript in a code editor like Visual Studio Code, you need to do the following:

  • Open the Visual Studio Code. In the application, open a new file.
  • In the new file, write the HTML and Javascript codes.
  • Save the file with extension ”.html”.
  • To execute the HTML file, you can either copy the file and drag and drop it onto the browser or double-click the file to run the code.

If you are working on any project where you require to change the font color in Javascript, in this article, we show you how to do that. We will give an example to explain how to change font color in Javascript.

How To Change Font Color In Javascript

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To change the font color of a text, you need to use the fontcolor() method. Using this method causes the text to change the color specified in the method. The fontcolor() method generates a font HTML element where the text is displayed in the specified font color.

The syntax is string.fontcolor(color-value) and the parameter “color-value” in the syntax is where the color name is used to display the string in that color. You can also use a hexadecimal RGB triplet as a color value. If using a hexadecimal RGB triplet value, then you need to use the format “rrggbb”.

Let us now look at one example where you can see how to use this method to change the color of the text. Below is an example of Javascript code to change the font color of the text to red.




<title>To Change The Font Color Of “Hello World” To Red</title>



<h1> Font Color Method</h1>

<p1> We will see the font color of the text “Hello World” changing to red <br></p1>


var stringcolor = “Hello World”;





The above example script showcases how you can use the fontcolor() method to change the font color of the text to your desired color.

To Sum Up

Javascript is a well-known dynamic programming language that makes web pages interactive and without it, the web pages would be mostly static. The list that you see when you click on the dropdown list is due to the effect of Javascript. Even the search terms that are automatically suggested by the Google search engine when you type a few letters is due to Javascript. These are some examples of using Javascript in web-based applications. Apart from web-based applications, Javascript is also used in creating mobile applications, developing browser-based games, developing backend infrastructure, and more.

To write the Javascript code you can use the browser to directly write or you can also use a text editor or code editors to do the same. Now, if you are working on a project or practicing Javascript and are required to change the font color of the text, you can easily do it. In this article, we have shown how to change font color in Javascript with an example. The example showcases a string being changed to the desired color using the fontcolor() method. Follow the example to change the font color of the text.