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How to Change Overwatch Font

Image Source Until some years back, some of the most engaging and immersive games were based on nothing more than words. Although the variety of video games available today has replaced these text adventure games, the importance of text and…


How to Change The Font on Kik Messenger

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How to Change Font Size on Prezi

Image Source: Unsplash What is Prezi? Prezi is a software that allows you to create new-age presentations for school, work or leisure. It is a Hungarian company and the word ‘Prezi’ is short for presentation in Hungarian. However, Prezi has…


How to Change Font Size on LG Phone

Image Source Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic, let us first discuss what the future of mobile technology holds for us. Since their inception, mobile devices have gradually entered our lives and have become an inseparable part of…


How to Add Fonts to Sony VEGAS

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How to Change Font Size in Quickbooks

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How to Change Font On Skype

Image Source Ever since coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic has struck, telecommunication platforms such as Skype have shot to popularity. These applications have become the foundation upon which the modern world now functions in the virtual space. From schools to…