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How To Bold Font In Indesign

(Image Source: Pixabay) Developed and produced by Adobe Systems, Indesign is a desktop publishing software. The software is used for creating single-page and multi-page documents. The single-page documents include the creation of business cards, flyers, posters, etc. On the other…


How To Embed Fonts In Publisher

Image Source Released in the year 1991, Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software. Each application in Microsoft Office like Word, Excel, and others has a specific task to perform. If we take Microsoft Word, the sole purpose of the…


How to Resize Font Awesome Icons

Source Icons have gained great importance in today’s digital world. Because each stage may be visually represented, icons are frequently used while presenting a process. They aid in the visual comprehension of each phase of a process as well as…


How To Change Font in Adobe Premiere

Image Source Before getting into the detailed explanation on how to change font in Adobe Premiere, let’s first understand a bit about Adobe Premiere and its workings. When talking about the best video editing software, Adobe Premiere tops that list….


How to Change Fonts in GIMP

Image Source Created by Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball, GIMP is an open-source software used for image editing. The software functions, similar to how Adobe Photoshop functions. But unlike Photoshop which is a paid image editing software, the GIMP application…


How to Change Font Size Of Periods

Image Source Punctuation marks, play a key role in English writing. They make the sentences clearer to understand for the readers. They help in emphasizing the pauses, ideas, and tone of the text. Even slight misplacement of the punctuations can…


How to Add Fonts to Medibang

Image Source Using Medibang Paint isn’t just fun and easy, it can also be affordable if you have one of the many discounted codes floating around the internet. You may have already chosen your code, but now you’re wondering how…


How to Add Fonts to Wix

Image Source The choice of fonts is one of the most important aspects of a website. The fundamental goal is to transmit words, but fonts are capable of so much more. It is essential to pick a font that is…