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How to Add Fonts to MS Paint

Image source The paint that we are using today was not the original paint. Rick Brewster designed this on a .net framework. He presented it as a project for Washington State University. It was so good that Microsoft creators decided…


How to Change Font in GIMP

Image Source What is GIMP? GIMP is the short form for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This freely distributed program is used for functions such as image authoring, image composition, and photo retouching. GIMP offers a host of capabilities. You can…


How to Add Fonts to Libreoffice

Image Source Microsoft Office is undoubtedly a versatile program, but it is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. You need not worry, though, as you have several cheaper alternatives that you can use. For instance, Apache Open Office, Libre…


How to Change Sticky Notes Fonts

Image Source Sticky Notes are a widely used gadget on the Windows platform since Windows Vista. It is one of the must-use gadgets on the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 platforms. The application can create virtual Post-it notes, which can…


How To Print Larger Fonts

Image Source All documents must be legible and clear in all businesses. However, think of a scenario when the printouts of your documents are too tiny to read comfortably. The result can be quite disastrous as clients can overlook or…


How to Change Font on HTC Smartphones

Image Source In the daily busy world, smartphones are our partners. At present, we can’t visualize without using an android device. Similar to the internal features of a phone, it’s necessary to customize some of its parameters. From the font…