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Bookmarks save a lot of time while browsing the web. They also help you save important webpages for work or research references. But you must have observed that the font of your bookmarks on Chrome remain the same. If you have ever wondered how to change font size in bookmarks toolbar on Chrome, this article is for you.

First, you should know a little about the web browser, Google Chrome.

About Google Chrome

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google which works on multiple platform and devices. The browser was initially released for Microsoft Windows in 2008. Now the browser can be run on Mac OS, Android, Linux and iOS. According to the web traffic analysis site StatCounter, Chrome owns 68% of the global web browser share on personal computers (this data was released in October 2021). In tablets and smartphones, Chrome is the most used web browser. It has even surpassed Safari on Apple devices.

Upon its release, Chrome received critical acclaim from users. The browser was complimented on its fast speed, attractive interface and novel features. Before Chrome entered the market, Microsoft Internet Explorer ruled the web browser industry. However, Chrome changed the game and has eventually risen to the top.

Features of Chrome

Google Chrome has some amazing features which has made it the top player among web browsers. Some of these features are –

  • On Chrome, users can synchronize their settings, history and bookmarks across all devices which have Chrome installed on them. Just log in from your selected Google account for synchronization to occur.
  • Google Chrome has passed web test pages from the Web Standards Project. These tests include – Acid1, Acid2 and Acid3.
  • The web browser also warns users against the threat of malware and phishing.
  • To ensure user privacy, Chrome has the feature of “Incognito” browsing. This prevents Chrome from storing any local information like history and website cookies.

Now that you know about Chrome, it is time to understand its bookmarks feature. Then you will dive into how to change font size in bookmarks toolbar.

How to Work with Bookmarks on Chrome

Before you how to how to change font size in bookmarks toolbar, you should understand how the Bookmarks work on Google Chrome. First, here is the reason why bookmarks are important and useful.

Use of Bookmarks

Bookmarks are also called favorites, because they mark your favorite websites. Think of them as a list of shortcuts to important web pages (whether for work or recreation). Users can quickly go to the bookmarked page without having to type the website’s URL in the address bar. This saves you time and effort.

You can even categorize bookmarks into folders on Google Chrome. This is especially handy when you need to collect research material for a project.

To Add and Edit a Bookmark

  1. Open the Google Chrome application.
  2. Visit the site that you want to bookmark.
  3. Notice the start-shaped icon on the right side of the address bar. The icon would be hollow. Once you click on it, a drop menu with two options will appear. The options are – “Add bookmark” and “Add to reading list”. Click on “Add bookmark”.
  4. Now a window will pop up called “Bookmark added”. In this window, you have the option of renaming the bookmark according to your requirement. Once you rewrite the bookmark’s name, click on the “Done” button at the bottom of the window to save the bookmark.
  5. For Android mobile users, tap the button “More” on the right of the address bar. A drop menu will appear. Find the star icon and press on it. Your book mark will be saved
  6. For iPad and iPhone users, follow the same process like Android users. The only difference is, after you press the “More” button, you need to then press the “Bookmark” button instead of the star icon.
  7. If you wish to edit the bookmark on your computer, click on the “More” option at the top right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear. Select the option “Bookmarks”, and then click on the option “Bookmark Manager”. There will be a down arrow key saying “Edit “on the right side of a bookmark. Click on it and you will be able to edit it.
  8. To edit on Android, tap the “More” button on the right side of a bookmark. Now tap on the option “Edit”.
  9. For editing on iPhone and iPad, press and hold a bookmark. A menu will pop up. Tap on the “Edit Bookmark” option. Change the details you want (like folder, bookmark name, URL, etc.).
  10. Tap the option “Done” at the top to apply the changes to your bookmark.

To Find a Bookmark

  1. If you want to find a bookmark on your computer, open the Google Chrome application.
  2. On the top right corner of the screen, click on the “More” button. This will open a drop-menu. Now look for the option “Bookmarks” and click on it.
  3. Find the bookmark you want and click on it to open.
  4. If you wish to open a bookmarked web page on your Android device, open the Chrome app.
  5. Now tap the “More” button on the top right corner of the screen.
  6. In the pop-up window, tap the “Bookmarks” option.
  7. Now look for the bookmark you want and tap on it to open.
  8. For iPhone and iPad user, follow the same process as the Android users. The only thing different would be the icon for bookmarks.

Now you are familiar with the importance and use of bookmarks. It is time to understand how to change font size in bookmarks toolbar.

Instructions on How to Change Font Size in Bookmarks Toolbar

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In this section you will learn how to change font size in bookmarks toolbar. The method will vary according to the operating system. Here, you will see how to alter fonts in Chrome Bookmarks for Windows 7 and Windows 10.

It is important to note that Google Chrome does not offer any specific feature to alter the font in its Bookmarks Toolbar. You only have the option to customize the font in the setting tab of Google Chrome. There is no facility to customize the fonts in its Bookmarks or History toolbar as per your individual taste.

Having said that, you can increase or decrease the font size on your computer. This will have a direct impact on the Chrome Bookmarks Toolbar. Here are some ways to you can change font size in Bookmarks Toolbar –

How to Change Font Size in Bookmarks Toolbar – Windows 7

For people who are still using Windows 7, this guide will show you how to change font size in bookmarks toolbar.

  1. Click on the “Start” button and find the “Control Panel” option. Click on it. This will open the “Control Panel” window.
  2. In the “Control Panel” window, look for the option “Appearance and Personalization”. This feature allows you to customize your system’s user interface as per your preference. Click on this option to open.
  3. In the “Appearance and Personalization” window, look for the heading “Display“.
  4. Under “Display”, you will find a subheading called “Make text and other items larger or smaller”. Click on this option.
  5. This will open a new window titled “Make it easier to read what’s on your screen”.
  6. In this window you have two options for font size – “Smaller” and “Medium”. The “Smaller” size is the default font size of your system. The “Medium” size will increase your default font size by 25%. Check the “Medium” button to increase overall font size.
  7. Now click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the window to make the change.
  8. In order for this to take effect, you will have to reset and log off the system. Once you turn on your computer again, you will notice that the font size has increased. Open your chrome browser and you will see that the font size in the Bookmarks Toolbar has also increased.

How to Change Font Size in Bookmarks Toolbar – Windows 10

As users of Windows 10 if you are wondering how to change font size in bookmarks toolbar, these are the steps you should follow –

  1. Type “Settings” in the search bar (At the bottom of your desktop). This will open the “Settings” window.
  2. In the “Settings” window, look for the option “System”. Click on it to open.
  3. This will open the “System” menu. Now scroll down the menu till you find the option “Scale and layout”. Click on it. The “Scale and layout” option allows you to increase text and app sizes.
  4. There will be a drop-down menu under “Scale and layout”. Click on it. Two options will appear in front of you – “100% (Recommended” and “125%”. The former option is the default font size. The latter option will increase the font size to 125%. Click on “125%”.
  5. The moment you click on “125%”, your system will instantly apply the changes. You do not need to reboot or restart your computer.
  6. Now, open Google Chrome on your computer. You will notice that the font size in Bookmarks Toolbar has visibly increased.