Claire White


Steps to Add Fonts to Pixlr

Image Source Web programs that do not require installing work wonders for designers. Pixlr stands out for designers and creative people for many reasons. Most design programs of the past, such as Adobe’s darling Photoshop and Illustrator, required space. And…


How to Change Font of Sticky Notes

Image Source Sticky Notes, the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application, features a host of customizations, especially for Windows 10. Though it is available across all versions of Windows, the Windows 10 application comes with features that you don’t get in…


How to Add a Font to OpenOffice

Image Source OpenOffice is a document-editing software that gives you versatility and flexibility when it comes to editing your documents. As soon as you launch OpenOffice for the first time, the program will automatically look through the fonts you have…


How to Change Fonts in Blender

Image Source While using Blender regularly to create animated videos and sequences, you may often wonder how to change fonts in Blender. The process is rather simple- you can easily change fonts with fonts available in the software or get…