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Microsoft Word is a document editing tool that allows you to create any kind of document you need. From official documents to fiction, Microsoft Word has a plethora of uses. This makes it one of the most popular software used in the world.

But how can you change the page font in word? You could need to change the page font for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re working on an official document and you were told to use a certain font style. It could be for aesthetic reasons as well. Say you’re creating a party invitation using Microsoft Word, and want the page number font to match the font in your invitation.

From academic papers to company documents, Microsoft Word is used by all people. So how can you change the page number font in Word?

Changing the Page Number Font Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a versatile document editing software that gives you a broad range of control when creating your document. One of the things you can do in Microsoft Word, is add headers and footers. Microsoft Word ca automatically detect the number of pages in your document.

So with the right steps, you could easily format your document without having to put in the hard work yourself. If you want to know how you can change the page number font in Word, then all you need to know is where the tools are located in the software. These can be found on the ribbon in Microsoft Word.

Changing the Font Format Using Microsoft Word

If you want to change the font format using Microsoft Word, then the first thing you need to do is find the Home tab. This will be located near the top of your software. On the Home tab, you’ll find the Header/Footer option. This tool allows you to format your page font, and you can make any changes you like to the font changes.

Double-click on the option showing you the Header/Footer. This will take you straight to the Design tab in Microsoft Word. Once you’re in the Design tab, you can use your cursor to highlight your page number. After this, click on the ‘Home’ tab once again.

Now that the Header/Footer is active, you can select any font style you like through the drop-down Don’t menu. All you have to do is highlight the Header/Footer in your document screen, and then click on the Font tab to change your font type.

How To Change Page Numbers Using Microsoft Word

You can not only change the font style, but also individual numbers using Microsoft Word. This can be useful if you want to add two sets of numbering in your document. You can also use this option to start the numbering from a different page in your document.

Change Page Numbers in Word Using the Page Number Tool

You can change page numbers in Microsoft Word using the Page Number Format tool. With this tool, you can start the numbering in your Word document from anywhere you like.

To enable this option, you’ll need to double-click on the Header/Footer again. Then, select the option that allows you to start the numbering for your document from a different page. This option will be called, ‘Different First Page’.

After you’ve clicked on this option, open the Page Number Format Box again. Here, you can type in the new number that indicates where you want the numbering in your document to start. You can input this number in the field that says ‘Start At’. When you’re done, click ‘OK’, and the numbering should start automatically.

What Happens When You’re Formatting Your Document Using Different View Options?

If you want to format your Word document manually, then doing it while working on the Print Layout format is ideal. This will allow you to click on the Header/Footer option, and then input your required numbers into the field.

Normal Outline View in Microsoft Word

Should you be working using either the Normal, or the Outline view however, then this option will be slightly different. You will need to first make the Header and the Footer visible on the page. You can do this by:

  • First, place your starting point on the section of your document that you want to format
  • You will need to go to the View menu to select the Header and the Footer option
  • Once you’ve selected the Header and Footer dialog box, you will find many tools that you can use to format the Header and the Footer
  • Select the number of the page in the Header and the Footer tab, and it will allow you to format that section
  • When you’re done with all the changes you want to make, you can close the tab by clicking ‘Close’
  • Any changes you made should be updated and available on the document

Can You Change All the Page Numbers in Word At The Same Time?

When you’re manually editing your document, you need to change the page number on each page. This can be time-consuming, so you may be wondering if you can change all the page number fonts at once? If you were thinking you can change the page number font in Word at the same time, then follow these instructions:

  • First, you’ll need to go to the top of your document
  • Then, look for the ‘Styles’ window
  • You can also find the Styles window by clicking on Alt+Ctrl+Shft+S
  • Once you’ve opened the Styles window, look for the Page Number option
  • Here, you can use the tools to change your page number font to anything you like

Any changes you make through this window should apply to all the pages in your document. There are only two conditions where the page numbering in your document could end up incorrect.

When Can Your Numbering Appear Incorrect?

The first is in case you have manually selected a different first page from the one you selected in the Styles tab. When this happens, two different sets of numbering could appear in your document.

The second situation is when you have inserted section breaks into your document. In this case, you may again have to deal with two different sets of numbering. To avoid this from happening, you need to ensure that your Footer has been set to ‘Same as Previous’ before you insert your section breaks.

Headers and Footers in Microsoft Word

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Have you been wondering how you can change the page number font using Word? The answer is very simple. You’ll need to understand what Headers and Footers are, as well as how to edit them using Microsoft Word.

Formatting the Header in Microsoft Word

Headers appear at the top of your document. This usually appears in exactly the same way across every page. If you change the Header in any page, then that change will also be visible on every other page in the document. This prohibits you from manually inputting page numbers in Word. If you want to access the Header tab, then all you have to do is click on the Header option top of the document.

You’ll also find the Page Number option right below it. Using this option you can change the page numbering, as well as the page number font in your Microsoft Word document.

If you want to insert a page number to your document, then ideally you should point your cursor to where you want it first. Then click on the ‘Insert Tab’ option. Finally, click on ‘Page Number’. Once this tab had opened, you can click on ‘Current Position’. From here, if you want to add the Plain Number font, then click on that option.

To change the Footers, which appear at the bottom of your document, follow the same instructions as above. However, instead of selecting the Header option, you should select the Footer option. The Footer appears differently in each page, and can enable you to number your pages properly.

What Do You Do If You Want a Different First Page Header?

There ma be times when you want the Header in your first page to be different from the rest of the document. This change can be made through the Design tab. The Design Tab is available under the Header and Footer options. You can use this tool to change the page font number of your headers and footers as well.

Conclusion: How Can You Change the Page Number Font in Word?

If you were wondering how you can change the page number font in Word, then this is your answer. Changing the page number font in Microsoft Word is simple. All you have to do is click on the Header and Footer option, and then change the style to anything you need it to be.

You can also make more complicated formatting choices, such as having a different header in your first page from the rest of your document. Use the tips and tricks given here to change the page font number in Word to anything you want it to be. But remember that the Header stays the same in every page unless you manually change it. And Footers appear at the bottom of your page and can be used to number your pages.