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All documents must be legible and clear in all businesses. However, think of a scenario when the printouts of your documents are too tiny to read comfortably. The result can be quite disastrous as clients can overlook or ignore your business communications.

There is a choice of increasing the font size in an actual document. However, there are times when you wish to print larger fonts but do not want to change the font size in the original document.

If you are wondering how to print larger font, you have come to the right place. After all, there are so many choices to make your printer print a bigger font. There is only a slight variation in techniques based on which alternative you go for.

Several web browsers including Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as, Microsoft Word are equipped with a feature. It allows you to increase the font size of your web pages and business documents for printing. For instance, you may use the Print Preview utility of your web browser to enlarge the font size while printing the content of a web page.

On the other hand, if you have to use MS Word for printing your document, you may go for the Font utility of the program for increasing the document’s font size. We are talking about enlarging the font size only on the printed files. Your clients and staff can read them but it is not a permanent change. That is because the text can be changed back to the original size whenever you wish to.

Merits of using bigger font size for printing

The big question here is why do you need to adjust your font size and also the layout as a result? Here are some of the top merits for using big fonts while printing:

  1. It is easier to read the larger text – When your text size is bigger on the printout, it is simpler to read and peruse through. It also means that readers will possibly stop for some time and read your document instead of ignoring the content of the document. So, your persuasive content has a chance of being more engaging.
  2. Offers improved user experience – There is hardly anyone who would like to squint at a document with a small font size. After all, a printout does not enable you to zoom in as is possible in a mobile or a computing device to make the size larger. Thus, the larger font makes it easier for the document to read from all angles.
  3. The combination of larger font size and fewer words helps to decode the content better – A bigger font size also means there will be fewer words on every page. This in turn will make it simpler for readers to process information more effectively. Bigger font size also means increased spacing in between words, which compels the human eye to move more gradually through each line.

How to print larger font-Easy tips

Microsoft Word

  1. Choose the choice to print your desired page in MS Word. You can do this by simply clicking on the “File button” or the “Microsoft Office Button.” Then choose the “Print” option. Else, you may also press the shortcut keys Ctrl+P for accessing the print menu.
  2. Go to the task window to click the button with the caption “Properties.”
  3. Next, click on the tab called “Advanced.”
  4. Select an option under scaling. Do you wish to increase the size of the full document to its highest capacity while also try to accommodate everything on the page? You may select the “Fit to paper size” to do so. Else, you can go for the “Free option.” Increase the document’s percentage size by up to four hundred percent. You can do so by keying in any number or by using the up and down arrows. Finally, click on “OK”.
  5. Hit the “Return” or “Enter” button or click on “OK” to start printing.

Web Pages

  1. The font size can be increased also while printing a web page. You can click on “File”->” Print Preview.” When you change the percentage in “Scale”, the font size will become larger. It will be also possible for you to see how the text will appear in the print preview before taking a printout.
  2. If you are satisfied, click on “Print.”

Internet Explorer

  1. Go to the toolbar and right-click. Click on “Command bar” for making the icons appear. You will find the “arrow” icon right next to your Printer Button. Click on it and then choose “Print Preview”.
  2. Next, expand the drop-down menu called “Shrink to Fit”. Choose the scale percentage needed for the web page. If the scale is larger, the text size on the printout will be also larger.
  3. Finally, click on the “Printer” icon so that your document can be printed.


  1. First, click on the “Firefox button and then choose the arrow appearing next to “Print.” Then go to “Page Setup.”
  2. Uncheck the checkbox called “Shrink to Fit Page.”
  3. Key in your desired scale percentage for the web page to use. Next, click on “OK.”
  4. You have to now go back to the “Firefox” menu and then choose “Print.” Click on “OK” for printing the document.

How to increase font size while using the HP printer

In case the text of the printed document is too tiny, your entire page will be printed in a smaller size in contrast to what was expected. Change the page scale settings or the font size in the application form where you are giving the print command.

Mac/Apple Pages document

You can change the settings for font size while taking a printout from the word processing app of the Apple Pages. To enable “page size scaling”, go to “Print Preview”->settings. Alternatively, click on the “Scale to fit paper size” option in the print driver.

  1. First, open the document and then highlight the text whose size you wish to change. Press Command and A keys to select the entire document.
  2. Choose a bigger font size from the documents font size menu.
  3. You need to confirm the page break layout, image, and paragraph in the document for fitting the bigger text.

WordPad/Word documents (Windows)

  1. First, open the document and then highlight the text whose font you wish to alter. Use the Ctrl+A keys to select the entire document.
  2. Click on Grow font” button or “Increase Font Size” so that the fonts of the selected text can become bigger.
  3. Confirm page break layout, image, and paragraph in the document for accommodating the bigger text.

Adobe PDF Reader

Click on “Size” in the section called “Paper Size Handing” in the “Print” window. Then choose “Actual Size” or select a bigger size in the box called “Custom Scale.”

Internet Explorer

  1. To change font size- Go to the menu bar of the browser. Then, click on “View” or “Page.” Click on “Text size” and then choose a bigger font size from the menu.
  2. To change the size of the paper- Go to the Print-> Page setup window. Then, uncheck the checkbox called “Enable Shrink to Fit”. Also, you will find different types of printout sizes are present in the Print->Print preview dialog box.


  1. Change font size- Go to the top menu and click on “View”. Click on “Zoom Text Only” and then choose the option “Zoom-in.”
  2. Change the size of the page– Click File->Print and then click on “Show Details”. If required, then you may set the “Scale” to 100 percent.

Google Chrome

  1. Change font size- First, click on the “Settings” icon. Then, click on “Settings” and go to the bottom of the window to click on “Show advanced settings”. Finally, choose a bigger font size from the Web content section.
  2. Change the size of the paper- First, click on the “Settings” icon. You have to next click the + option in the “Zoom” setting so that the page becomes larger.


  1. Change the font size-Click on the “Settings” icon. Choose “Options” and then click on “Content.” Finally, choose a bigger font size in the section called “Fonts & Colors.”
  2. Change the size of the paper-Go to Print and then Page setup window. Uncheck the checkbox called “Shrink-to-fit” in the “Page Width” setting. Plus, use the drop-down menu called the “Scale” in the “Print” window to choose a larger printout size.

Microsoft Edge

Go to the “Settings” icon” and click on “Print.” Next, choose a bigger printout size by going to the “Scale” setting.

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How to print larger font than 72 pt?

A majority of the Windows programs support bigger than 72 point font sizes. These applications include Word 2013, WordPad, and Notepad. However, you would not be familiar with it while checking their selection choices. All three programs mention 72 font size as the highest one in the drop-down box. However, it is possible to manually override this text size limit by typing in the desired font size. Alternatively, you can also use hotkeys.


The application has font size choices in the Font group in its Home tab. Users can directly key in font sizes bigger than 2 points. Else, they can also click the button called “Grow Font for increasing the font size in tiny increments. Alternatively, it is also possible to press the Ctrl and Shift keys to achieve the same purpose.


As you are aware, Notepad happens to be a basic text editor. It does not have styles and fast, font-size hotkeys that are present in many other programs. Also, the application does provide any clear-cut technique to change font size at all.

At the same time, it has a Format menu and the Font option available within it has the size, effects, and font of the selected text. The Size drop-down menu of the Notepad has a limitation of 72 points. Yet, it is possible to manually key in a value greater than 2 points to exceed the limit of the selected text.

Word 2013

The behavior of Word is similar to WordPad. It means, the application permits direct entry of the font size. Additionally, incremental increases in the size of the font are also possible from the Font group present under the Home tab. Similar to WordPad, the same Ctrl and Shift hotkey can enlarge the selected text’s font size in small increments whenever this key combination is pressed.

However, contrary to Notepad and WordPad, Word 2013 also supports styles. In case the user often uses a big font size, using the Style allows them to save time. In the future by a one-click selection.

Choose the freshly resized text, go to Styles drop-down menu and then choose “Create a Style”. Select a name for your newly created style and it will be displayed in the existing list of styles under the Home tab. Subsequently, whenever you click on this style, it will be automatically applied to the font size of the selected text.

Users should however note one important thing in their mind. Although they can use these techniques to print reasonable big fonts, excessive big fonts may lead to unexpected outcomes.


At times, a printer can use a particular font size for email, a word document, or a web page, which is too tiny for the users to read properly. In such scenarios, the document can have a particular font size embedded. It can be particularly problematic for web pages. After all, it is tough to alter the font size before printing a page the way it is done in the word processing software. Examples are Microsoft Word or WordPad. However, do not despair. You may increase the font size of the document by deploying some advanced settings available in the Print dialog box. These settings can be changed before sending this document to your printer. So you learned how to print larger font in detail in this detailed article for your convenience in the future.