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While printing a document or even something from the web page, maintaining accuracy in font size is necessary. Otherwise, printing the pages will be of no use to you if it is not appropriate for your eyes. With the support of browsers, people find it convenient to print something directly from the web page.

And when the question of browser arises, nothing strikes our mind instantly other than Google Chrome. And Google Chrome is a favorite for all net users because of the variety of functions it offers. But earlier, when the question arises of chrome font size adjustability, then maybe it’s not the favorite. People used to found problems with smaller font sizes whenever they looked for printing from Google Chrome. Maybe, that was because of the inaccurate print scaling option in Google Chrome. But now Google Chrome is advancing with font sizing features.

This article will assist you to know how to change font size when printing from chrome? After following the step-by-step process, you can adjust the font size of the chrome page as per your pick.

Guidelines to print with Google Chrome.

Before you know how to change font size when printing from Chrome? Let’s first check how to print from Google Chrome.

You can easily print from chrome with the support of any device. And you can use both smartphones and PCs. Here’s the stepwise directory :

Printing through smartphone devices.

Yes, you can print from Chrome via your mobile phone. The process is easy. First, you connect your printer with your phone. Following that, with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity or other network choices, you can start printing.

  1. First, you have to open chrome from the smart devices.
  2. Then you can open the file you are looking forward to downloading.
  3. Once opened the file, you will find a triple dot icon at the right top side of your screen.
  4. And there you have to choose the select print option.
  5. From there, you will find the option to change print settings. It’s precisely in the drop-down arrow.
  6. To change the font size, you can adjust it there. Later we will discuss in detail how to change font size when printing from chrome.
  7. Finally, go to the print option and have the file printed.

Printing with PCs.

You can print with Google Chrome via PCs along with all inbuilt changeable features like the font size, color, etc. The process to change such options gets easier when one has a Chromebook. So, to print with a PC,

  1. First, set up your printer with the PC. Following that,
  2. Open chrome application from the desktop.
  3. Similar to mobile devices, open the file on your PC.
  4. There click the file option, then go to the print option. You can also use the key shortcuts like ctrl+P
  5. In the upcoming windows, you can pick the destination. Choose your print settings.
  6. Now choose the print option.
  7. You can also save the file to Google Drive from your print preview and install backup applications.

Why do we face a font size issue while printing in Google chrome?

Many times you can face the issue of incorrect font size for your google chrome page set up. It is so because whenever you sign in to a Google account with devices, the chrome default print settings turn on. Due to which you do not find it appropriate for every page setup. As a solution, you have to choose the print scaling option.

Applying print scaling for how to change font size when printing from chrome.

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For adjusting font size, you can have a Google Chrome print scaling feature. To know in details how to change the font size for chrome, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Opening Google Chrome.

In the very first step, you have to open chrome from your desktop. After that, you have to choose the page which you are looking to print out.

Step 2: Click on the print option.

If you want a shorter action, you can use the shortcut key ctrl +P to get the printing option. Or else you can also move the arrow towards the top right side menu button. For desktop users, who don’t have the direct written menu option at the top right side, there is an alternative. You will find the triple-dot button there. From the menu on the right side, go to the print command to proceed further.

Step 3: Go to print preview.

After going for the print command, you will notice that on the right side a page preview will come. And on the right side, there are options to modify the preview page.

For any word file, you can preview the page using a shortcut ctrl+F2. Note that for having an appropriate font size after printing it’s important to view the page preview once.

Still, in case you are an administrator and don’t want a repeated print preview, then do this in this way. Open Google Chrome from your start menu option. There click the open file location option. Have a right-click on the properties and then select a shortcut. In the target box, add, disable print preview. Then click apply. Now, if you are not an administrator, then you can’t change the preview option. However, with the latest Windows 10 and other system operators, you can’t ignore the preview option anyway.

However, for changing the font size for printing in chrome, an enabled print preview is always helpful.

Step 4: Go to more settings.

In the next step, you have to click the link for more settings, which comes below the layout and color box. Once clicking the more settings link, an expansion will appear below.

Step 5: Scaling and font size.

As soon as you click the expansion, another option called scale will come. There you have to choose the font size you are looking for. There you have to the zoom level of the font size or else can lower the size. Do remember that even after choosing the scale level, the webpage may show the earlier font size. It is so because the latter applied zoomed font size will apply in the printed page or copy only.

Step 6: Custom option.

With the scale dropdown option, choose custom, there you enter the size range. You can select the range up to 200.

So, every time you have a poor experience in sorting the size of the font for your print copy from the web page use the scaling method. It will help you to get a customized and proper page set up the font size. The exclusive scaling feature was first available on Chrome 56. While implementing Chrome 56, you can revive the otherwise shrunken texts and pictures. The new scaling option fixes the earlier custom zoom level-related issues. And this solves the problem of how to change font size when printing from chrome.

The flag features.

Though using scaling for font resizing while printing is the easiest option, it does not always work. But in case you do not have the box print scaling option, raise the flag. You can perform in the following ways:

Step 1: Click on the address bar of the Google Chrome browser. There copy-paste this below-mentioned text:


Step 2: Once pasted press, enter. Then the text in the address bar will directly take you to the print scaling flag. Then it will only work when you enable it.

Step3: Among the list of drop-down boxes on the page take your mouse in the print scaling option. There among the three options, that is: default, disabled and enabled, select the enabled option.

Step 4: Then, once selected sooner, you will receive a notification bar below. The notification will ask your permission. For the statement: Changes you have made to effect from the next time in Google chrome. Below that, you will get the option “relaunch now”. Click on it.

After a few minutes, your new features will be ready to display. Now, you are ready to go with changeable font sizes in chrome.

Enlarging font size method in chrome.

Though the method mentioned in this section is easy, not everyone can change font size with this method.

  1. Click on the web page through google chrome, and with your mouse, right-click it. In case you want to print a particular part of the web page, then click print preview. And after that, highlight the content you want to print. After that, make a right-click on it. Most users skip the header and footer of a web page this way.
  2. Then click the icon named page setup, which comes at the top of the page preview window. It will launch the page setup dialog box. In the dialog box, click on the change font option.
  3. After that, select from the list your required font size, then for two times click ok.
  4. After that, you can connect your printer. Following that, click the print icon, and soon, the print for the web page will begin.

This process of changing font size works for multiple browsers. That is, apart from chrome, it also works for other browsers.

How to change font size when printing from chrome using HTML?

Here’s a method to change the font size in Google chrome with the HTML body element. The process helps in changing the font size for printing without the use of the secondary browser.

1. Right-click anywhere on the web page which you want to be printed. There you can choose the Inspect element. The click helps in opening the element panel.

2. Now, you have to navigate towards the above <body> syntax. Mainly it comes in the third row of the HTML text.

3. On the ride side of the panel, you will find the option styles. There it contains the text called element style. You have to add the feature zoom:0.7; there. Most likely, the webpage will now zoom out or zoom in, which is more than 0.9.

4. Following that, go to the print option. Now, view in the preview option whether your changes worked or not.

5. In case it does not work, try multiple times. Also, if you think that you want a different font size then you have to first close the preview tab. After that again edit the elements and preview.

But also remember that this method’s scopes are limited. And mainly works for simple font styles. In exceptions, like when the style sheet exceeds the zoom for some elements then you will not receive the desired result.

Chrome developed over years.

Chrome is popular among users, but when it comes to setting font size while printing users feel it lags. Earlier users preferred browsers like firefox for font sizing while printing. It was so because firefox print scaling was said to be much more advanced than google. With Google, the scope of reflow was quite limited. But with the launch of Chrome 56, customized print scaling is not a great deal. The new updated chrome system offers chrome flags which earlier systems lagged. Now, users can zoom in and zoom out the text with the help of a percent scale setting. It seems with print scaling chrome is again giving competition to other known browsers.


The final words:

One of the common problems of printing through web pages is resetting the appropriate font size. Even though the display screen looks perfect with stable fonts, but once printed, it gives a haphazard look. Therefore, for professional demand, setting a suitable font size along with page layout is important. The above guide will help you zoom in and zoom out the font size while printing in chrome. You will find the solution for how to change font size when printing from chrome with these three processes. While the first is the most common method of changing the font size, the flag feature is ideal. The flag feature works for maximum users without creating further complications.

You can also change the font size while printing from smartphones. You only have to select the right-hand side three dots. And then, you have to choose the desktop view.

Thus, with these steps, you can conveniently change the font size while printing from chrome.