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There is nothing to say about Android operating systems. It is one of the top operating systems available on smartphones, today. One of the main advantages of using Android operating systems over other smartphone operating systems is the ease with which you can customize your smartphone.

You may ask what is so great about customization. Customization in smartphones means, modifying the font type of the text, font size of the text, or font color. By doing these changes to your device, you can give your device a fresh look and feel. Not only fonts you can also change the themes, wallpapers, etc. to your liking and give your smartphone a unique look and feel.

One such Android smartphone where you can easily apply customization is the Samsung smartphone. Samsung is a well-known brand that has been ruling the smartphone industry for ages. Their smartphones are widely popular all over the world. For ages, they have been manufacturing many versions of phones from basic to now smartphones. In smartphones, one of their popular versions is the Galaxy device.

Every year Samsung comes up with some upgrades pertaining to smartphones and one such upgrade is the rollout of One UI skin. The rollout of Samsung’s One UI skin is considered to be the best Android skin out in the market. This is because it has given the option for all the users of Samsung Galaxy devices to customize fonts according to their preferences and apply them to their devices. With just a few clicks, you can download and install new fonts on your Samsung device.

How To Download And Install New Fonts On Samsung Galaxy S9

If you want to install new fonts on your device, it is a very simple process to carry out. All you need to do is, go to the Samsung Galaxy store where you can download and install new fonts.

It is also important to know, installing new fonts in the Galaxy S9 device should be done from the Galaxy store only. It is not advisable to download fonts from any unknown sources. Downloading fonts from any unknown sources can lead to compatibility issues with your Galaxy smartphone. They can also cause problems to your Galaxy device.

Here are the steps that you can follow to install new fonts on your Galaxy devices.

  • Go to the Settings in your Galaxy device.
  • On the Settings select the Display option.
  • After clicking the display option, you will find Font and screen zoom option.
  • Next, touch the Font and screen zoom option. There you will find the Font Style. In the Font Style option, now click the Downloads fonts.
  • Once you have clicked on the Download Fonts option, the Galaxy Store will open. In the store, you will find a list of fonts to download.
  • In the Galaxy store, a lot of fonts are paid ones. Before deciding on which font to download, it is better that you thoroughly go through the screenshots of the fonts.
  • To give a rough estimate of the price of the fonts, the cost of the fonts can average anywhere around $1.79 per font.
  • Once you have chosen your preferred choice of font, you can then purchase the font from the store. In the Samsung Galaxy store, there are many ways you can pay to purchase a font. Some ways of purchasing them can be through Samsung Pay, credit card, or debit card.
  • After purchasing and downloading the font, the font will automatically get installed on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Now again go back to the Settings.
  • In the Settings, navigate to the Display Option -> Font and screen zoom -> Font style.
  • In the Font Style, tap on the new font that you have recently purchased. After tapping on the new font, the new font will be applied to your Samsung Galaxy device.

Remember, there is no limit to downloading fonts. You can download fonts as many as you like from the Galaxy Store and install them on your Samsung Galaxy S9 device. But one important thing you need to be aware of is that some highly stylistic fonts can cause UI glitches to your device.

How To Change Font Color On Galaxy S9

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By default, Samsung Galaxy S9 preinstalls a font to your device. You may not find the font to be unique. To put it in other words, you may find the default font color to be boring and would like to change them. Now, if you are not looking to purchase new fonts from the Galaxy store then you have an alternative. You can change the fonts by downloading from trusted third-party applications.

You can effortlessly change the font colors in Galaxy S9 by installing these apps and taking the font to the next level. Apart from changing fonts, if you are also looking to change themes, and wallpapers in Samsung Galaxy S9, you can even do that.

Here are all the steps you need to know how to change the font color on Galaxy S9. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide that will help you in changing the font color.

To change the font color on Galaxy S9, the only way you can do this is by installing trusted third-party apps. After going through a lot of applications, we recommend the HiFont app as the application that you need to use to change the colors of the font on your Galaxy S9. To do so, you need to go to your Galaxy store or Google Play Store and download the third-party apps.

By downloading this app it will allow you to select many colors. You can download and apply these colorful fonts to your device. But be careful, there are some unoriginal colors in this application. These colors can cause harm to your device when downloading and installing them.

Now, let us see how to change the font color on Galaxy S9 using the HiFont app.

Steps To Follow On How To Change Font Color On Galaxy S9 Using HiFont App

Step 1

Root your Samsung Galaxy S9 first if you haven’t.

Step 2

Next, go to the Google Play Store and enter the search term “HiFont” in the search field. You will get the desired search result. Now, download the application and install HiFont.

Step 3

Open the application. Now, go to the Category and navigate to the ColorFonts.

Step 4

At the Colorfonts, choose the font that matches the color and style according to your requirements. Now click on that font. You will see a Download button at the bottom of the app. You will also see the number of times the font has been downloaded.

Step 5

Click on the Download button.

Step 6

After downloading the font color, exit the application.

Step 7

Next, go to the Home Screen.

Step 8

From the Home Screen, swipe up or down to access the App screen.

Step 9

Next in the App Screen, you will find the Settings option on your Galaxy device.

Step 10

Now, on the Settings, select the Display option.

Step 11

After clicking the display option, you will find Font and screen zoom option. Next touch the Font and screen zoom.

Step 12

In the Font and screen zoom, you will find Font Style. From there select the new font that you have recently downloaded. After selecting the new font color, click apply button. Once you do that, the new font color will be applied to your Samsung Galaxy S9 device.

To Sum Up

Personalizing your smartphone device is a good way to give a unique feel to your smartphone. Customizing your fonts on the device is one way of giving that unique touch to your device. Doing so will enhance the usability of the phone, improve readability, and most importantly lift your mood and improve the overall appearance of the device.

The launch of Samsung’s One UI skin has allowed users of almost all the Samsung Galaxy devices including Galaxy S9 to change their fonts. It has made it easy to change the fonts according to your requirements.

If you are looking to change the font colors on Samsung Galaxy S9, the only way you can change the colors of the fonts is by downloading third-party applications. One such application that we recommend for you to use, is the HiFont application.

You can find this application in your Galaxy store or Google Play Store. Once you download the application, you will find many colors that you can select and install on your Galaxy S9 device.

Now, to learn how to download the application and to apply your favorite font colors on the Galaxy S9 device, we have listed all the steps that are necessary to execute the task. Follow the above steps to install and apply font colors on your Galaxy S9 device and give that unique touch to your device.