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The paint that we are using today was not the original paint. Rick Brewster designed this on a .net framework. He presented it as a project for Washington State University. It was so good that Microsoft creators decided to replace the original from this. It was developed in the year 1985. Now paint is just not a tool to dram simple design it is used in graphics and animation. It has updated and improved in a way no one had imagined. It is a very beautiful and useful product. It has a normal and 3d version available for use. You can add images and then edit them. You can also create full paintings and show your creativity. Kids can learn it for fun. Here we learn how to add fonts in MS paint.

It is as easy and simple as it sounds. You like a font download it; get its text file, install and then use it in paint. It works fine on all the versions of windows. We can learn step by step how it’s done. It can access and open all types of images including raster and vector. It only covers space in megabytes and uses a database by creating it in the C programming language. It provides an effective tool set. Paint 3d can be easily used for the advanced features like blurring an image. It can merge images and create graphics.

Some websites allow you to put captions and dialogue with your picture. Paint provides a text tool to edit and write on your picture. Nowadays it’s a trend to post unique pictures on social media. So, you want to use a fun font. If it’s not available with the windows library, you can download it. Sometimes you just want to update your font game and not use predefined fonts.

What makes MS paint special?

There is a reason even after applications like Photoshop and beauty editor, paint is still thriving. People use paint for ages for editing pictures and drawing. People go for Adobe Photoshop for editing and styling for their images. But paint is equally popular.

Free of cost

All the features and tools paint provides are free of cost. There are no subscription charges or package fees or premium content. Everything available in paint is available at no cost.

Easy to learn and use

Windows UI makes paint easy to use. It’s easier even for beginners on how to use and understand paint. Every classroom in the world teaches paint when starting to teach computers. It’s fun, easy, and creative.

Enable third party plugin

Different plugins and features can be installed and used in paint. It won’t be as efficient as Photoshop. You can use some features pretty efficiently. Search for .dll file when installing new features. After installing, you can restart the application and use them accordingly.

Light weight

It only uses around 200 MB of space. It is a very light application. You don’t have to use any extra hard drive to install paint. It’s a small application with great features.

Source to download

We use it to edit our picture and with its text tool put captions and fun labels on it. Microsoft has a large no. of in-built variety of font styles available. But what if you don’t want to use the preinstalled one? Microsoft provides you with the facility to add and install new fonts from various platforms anytime. Some sources are, google fonts, and Microsoft font library. Paint normally uses the window’s library to install fonts. So, now we just need to download the font we like and click install.

All these sources provide new and unique font styles. The fonts available on these websites are free to download. There are no charges or fees for installing new fonts on your computer. This makes it so easy for us to generate a unique image in paint. Due to increasing competition and weird viral hacks, having a unique show is necessary. New fonts make your image or picture stand out. Maybe you are doing it for your personal use. You want to add pictures to your album or scrapbook. It gives you a unique signature of yours to save those memories. Designers also use new and different fonts to make their websites look more attractive.

How to add new fonts in MS paint

Fonts are an important component when typing a text. The style you chose can convert the written text into different outlooks. For example, if you write something in caps lock on, it feels like you are shouting. Fonts not just give creativity to the text. But they also add emotions to it. “Times New Roman” font style is used usually for formal letters. “Arial” and “Calibri” are used for informal tones in text. While you are editing your picture, it’s important to choose the right font style. The right font style can make the image effective and attractive.

There are a few steps to follow to get new fonts into MS paints. Post finishing these steps you will be able to use them in your text easily. You can use the installed fonts for other applications like Word and PowerPoint. It is usually downloaded in a zip or rar file. Make sure you have the required applications to open a zip/rar file.

If not from the above-provided links you can download free fonts from everywhere. A simple Google search will provide you lot of options to choose from. There are ample amounts of sites that provide new and exciting font styles to add to your computer. There are,, and, etc. all these sites provide thousands of unique, fun, and creative font styles to add to your collection.

For downloading-

Step 1- Go to your source website. For e.g. you went to and find which font you like.

Step 2- locate the font style you want to download.

Step 3- Click on the download button on the right side.

Step 4- it is downloaded in the zip folder. Extract the file from your zip folder.

Step 5- it contains 2 files one text with the extension “.ttf”. Open .ttf file. It is always used in a true type format. So always look for extension .ttf.

Step 6- A pop-up window will appear- where you can preview your font style. If it’s the right one, click on the installation button.

Step 7- it has been installed on your computer

How to use the downloaded font in MS paint

Step 1- Open paint on your computer from the start menu

Step 2- Open a new file or file you want to add text. You can add an image first. Click on the image you want to edit and select open with paint. It will open the application along with the picture.

Step 3- click on the A icon on the toolbar.

Step 4- click on the area where you want to add text.

Step 5- On the new text toolbar there is a column with your default font style.

Step 6- Write the name of your font style that you just downloaded.

Step 7- select the font file and you are good to go.

Step 8- don’t forget to click on the Save button to save your file.

Sometimes you won’t find the font style you downloaded. You can just scroll down and reach the one you want to use. If you remember the name you can type it in the search bar and use it. Windows have many versions 7/8/9/10. This method works fine on every version.

Delete a downloaded font style

By any chance, you have downloaded a corrupt file or the wrong font style. What you are going to do about it? You can delete it very easily. Here’s are the steps to guide you on how to delete it.

Step 1- open the control panel on your computer

Step 2- click on the font’s folder in your control panel.

Step 3- once it’s open, you can choose to delete the font you want

Step 4- click on the delete button on the upper side, for the font. The font you don’t wish to use anymore.

Step 5- a pop-up will appear to ask if you are sure. Click yes or no according to your choice.

Your undesired font is deleted now. You can delete other fonts you don’t wish to use anymore.

For window 7-

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Microsoft has started considering window 7 into old versions now. It has stopped any application and software updates for this version. So, if you are still an old user things can be a little hasty for you. But don’t worry we have you covered. Here are some tips and points you can keep in mind while installing new fonts.

For downloading its pretty much the same things as in window 10.

Step 1 – Once you extract the fonts from the .zip file

Step 2 – Go to the folder and open the file

Step 3 – Select and copy all the content of the file.

Step 4 – Open the control panel from the start button

Step 5 – Open the font folder in appearances and personalization and paste the file you have copied just now.

Step 6 – Now you can open paint and use your new fonts

Windows 7 doesn’t have a preview pop-up or install button on the window. But you can directly copy-paste it. Hope you like how easy it is to install and use new fonts on the computer.

Paint is not just another application. It is compatible with other plugins and requires fewer resources. All these features make it unique and amazing. It can provide editing of a Photoshop level. All the graphic and animating features of paint give a real whirl to the image editing. You can use it and improve your editing skill. You can create new images and give your creative side a new edge.

Famous fonts to download-

You want to impress your friends by adding new font in your editing style. You can select some fun and funky styles to be your signature style. Here are some world-famous fonts to make your editing look expressive and amazing.

Parry hotter- on the theme of Harry Potter this font style is famous in kids and teens. It reminds you of Harry Potter and its crazy adventure in Hogwarts.

Aladdin- designed on the theme of Aladdin. This font style is all you can ask for. It’s fun, creative, quirky, and memorable.

Heartbreaking bad- based on the theme of chemical compounds from the periodic table. This theme is a unique and stylish combination of classy and cool.

Candle mustard- it’s a simple cursive font. It looks cool and elegant.

Pacifico- it is a very popular font style. It is nice and simple. It’s a good choice of font style when editing.

When you pick the text tool from the toolbar menu to write on canvas, it gives you options. We have options of different font styles to write on canvas. It is not just a fun way to write. Sometimes it works as important too. Some font styles provide us the benefit of writing in different languages. For e.g. Kurti dev font style for Hindi. This will provide us the benefit of writing in different languages.


You can also change the font’s size and color. While you select your font style from the toolbar menu, it opens a new column. This text column includes its size, bold, italic and different font color options. This makes the editing much more interesting. You can play with not just the font style but its size and color too. You can also opt for it to be opaque or transparent.