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Snapchat lets you share your pictures with friends, and has great versatility when it comes to snap customisation. One of the features you can take advantage of, is the ability to change the color and text of your font.

Have you ever wondered about the ways to get different fonts on Snapchat? As a part of a comprehensive makeover, Snapchat started providing users with the ability to customize the font and text style in snaps.

Snapchat and the Addition of New Fonts

Snapchat has introduced thirteen new fonts, that allow users to change the style and appearance of their messages. On the new list you’ll find some familiar names, such as ‘Comic Sans’, but there are notable additions as well. New font styles, such as ‘Gradient’, as well as ‘Glow’, will be available on the platform as well.

From fonts that provide a glow effect to your words, to the elegant ‘Old English’ style, users will find lots of new ways to customize their messages. Snapchat even allows users to use multiple fonts within the same snap. This means that you can use two font styles and add them to the same snap, allowing you to creatively express yourself as you see fit.

How Can You Use The New Fonts That Are Available on Snapchat?

Adding new font styles through Snapchat is easy. Nothing much has changed from the update, except the addition of new font styles. All you have to do is click a picture, and then select anywhere you would like to add text on the screen.

The new font styles will be presented to you in the form of a bar situated right above your keyboard. On this bar, you can see the different font styles available to you. This preview allows you to select the style that would suit your words the best.

When you’ve found a font style that you like, then you simply have to click on the style. Your words should appear in that font style after that.

The new font styles that were added to Snapchat were a part of the latest updates to the platform. From the beginning, Snapchat has allowed users to add text to their snaps. These texts disappear along with the pictures once the time limit on them is over.

Although Snapchat is primarily a platform that focuses on visual content, the ability to add text was always a core feature on the application. For many years, you could add text to your snaps, but you couldn’t do anything to change the font style of your text.

If you love to customize your snaps, then you may have wondered about the ways to get new fonts on Snapchat. With the latest update, Snapchat has now officially made it possible for you to change the font style. Now you can customize your text any way you want to.

How to Change the Text Size and Position on Snapchat

If you’re new to Snapchat, then you may feel overwhelmed with all the options available to you. Snapchat has a much steeper learning curve than many other social media platforms. This is as learning how to use Snapchat is fairly intuitive.

One of the basic features available to all Snapchat users is the ability to customize their texts. Doing this is simpler than you think. All you have to do is take a Snap. Then, when you click anywhere on the picture, your keyboard should happen.

With the new update, a new bar will now start appearing on top of your keyboard. This shows you all the different fonts available to you. When you’ve written what your text, simply click on ‘Done’.

Then you’ll be able to see what the final message will look like. It should appear in the form of a words on a transparent background. You can also move your text box anywhere you like on your snap, up or down.

But that isn’t all you can do. Once you’ve chosen your new font style, you can also adjust the size of the text that will be visible on your snap. You can do this by clicking on the icon that says ‘T’, located on the top right corner of your screen. When you click on this box, then your text style should change.

You’ll notice that big, bold words have appeared instead. When you do this, please note that your text will become uncentered as well. When you use the standard text box, then Snapchat automatically centers your text.

However, if you choose to customize your text and change the font style, then you’ll need to manually center your text.

What Happens When You Change the Font Style on Snapchat?

When you change the font style on Snapchat, by clicking on the icon marked ‘T’, then a lot more customisation options open up to you. On this box, you can choose any font you like that’s available on the app. You can also use more than one font style in the same text.

And your text can be placed anywhere you want, and switched to any orientation you want. The standard text box makes it so that you can only drag the box upwards or downwards on your snap. This changes when you open the text customization box on Snapchat. You can place your text anywhere you like, and in any direction you like. Through the text customization box, your given the greatest amount of freedom when it comes to selecting the right font style, and then placing it.

What you do need to note however, is that your text will appear much larger than it would on the standard text box. This means that you can fit less words in your snap.

Changing the Font on Your Snaps

If you ever thought if there were ways to get different fonts on Snapchat, then you’ve come to the right place. Snapchat now makes it possible for users to change the font style in their texts. This is a welcome change, made possible through their latest update to the platform.

The new fonts that are available on Snapchat include:

  • Serif
  • Big Text
  • Gradient
  • Brush
  • Classic
  • Glow
  • Cooper BT
  • Rainbow
  • Fancy
  • Italics
  • Old English
  • Comic Sans
  • Script

This means that there are thirteen new text styles available for users to choose from. In the same way you could before, you can change the size and placement of your texts. You can add new font styles to your texts not only in your pictures, but on your recordings as well.

The best part is that you can combine multiple font styles within the same body of text. So you get the most freedom when it comes to customizing the text on your snaps!

How Do You Use Snapchat Fonts?

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While Snapchat updates can often be complex for users, when it comes to understanding how to use them. The new addition of font styles came as a welcome change, that users found easy to use as well. This has led the new font styles to become a popular addition among snaps from users across the world.

Through the new update, you can choose between thirteen interesting font styles. If you’ve wondered how to ways to get different fonts on Snapchat, then the answer is there is one official way. Till recently, Snapchat didn’t allow users to change the font style of their texts. But now, you can do just that on Snapchat.

The styles available range from popular and well-known styles like ‘Old English’ to more creative additions as well. You can add cool and interesting effects to your texts on Snapchat. Choose between a font style that makes your texts glow on your snap. You can also choose more casual styles like ‘Comic Sans’. If you wanted to post a more professional snap, then Snapchat has you covered. Use the font style ‘Serif’ and your posts will look classic and professional.

In this way, there are thirteen new font styles that you can now choose between, on Snapchat.

Conclusion: Ways to Get Different Fonts on Snapchat

For a long time, users couldn’t add new fonts on Snapchat. They could choose between the standard text box, or a larger more customizable font option. But through their latest update, Snapchat now makes it possible for users to choose between thirteen different font styles for their snaps.

These new fonts can be used on your recordings as well. Snapchat offers font styles that are creative, professional, and that can allow users to freely express themselves. You can even use multiple text styles within the same text box.

The new addition comes in the form of a new bar that automatically opens on top of your keyboard, when you click anywhere on your snap. If you’ve wanted to know about the ways to get different fonts on Snapchat, then the answer is their is only one. But you’ll find that the new font style features are easy to use, and can allow you to add more to your snaps.