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For every car owner out there, the struggle to keep their car clean is an endless job. A dirty car often draws attention from passers-by and embarrasses their owners. Its really important for car owners to keep their cars clean and maintained well. The car washing industry is a rapidly growing industry owing to the high demand of clean cars. Another major reason behind the rise of car washing industry is the amount of time it takes to clean a car. It is a time taking process and could be really difficult to do a good job considering a car consists of numerous components.

Graphics And Letters In Tires

Tires also contain graphics as provided by its makers or customized. It adds to the overall look and feel of the car. Certain brands have exclusive tire graphics which is style statement. For the enthusiasts, they also add custom graphics. In this article, we will discuss various ways of cleaning white lettered graphics or designs in your tire. Not only is it necessary to keep your tires neat and clean, but it also adds an aesthetic value to your tire. There are various ways of cleaning white letters or graphics in your car tire. The methods vary from natural tips and tricks to professional products available in the market. We list out all the various methods based upon internet research below.

Methods Of Cleaning Lettering In Your Car Tire

We would divide the various methods of cleaning white letters in your car into two categories. The organic or natural method (which include using resources from around us) and professional products. We list out the various options available to car owners and their efficacy. The professional products listed below are available in various different brands. So we chose to list out the composition and the same product can be bought by any brand.

Natural Method

  • Tire Brush – Tire brush are the most generic tire cleaning equipment every car owner keeps handy. It is cheap and small so can be stored in the car. A tire brush is often the most economic ways to clean your tires. It should be noted that although tire brush is useful, they need to be used almost daily. The more stubborn layer of dust which have accumulated over some time may not be easily wiped with tire brush. Tire brush is the most widely used easy equipment used by most car owners and they form the first form of cleaning.
  • Sponge – Sponge is another easily available cleaning material which is very handy and work well. Sponge soaked in soap water or any other cleaning solution works well to clean your tire of any dust or dirt. Weekly sponge cleaning can work well to keep your tire clean and the white letters visible. Sponge is also easy to use and can be dried and reused for couple of times, which makes it a value for money cleaning option. Sponges are available everywhere and easy to procure.
  • Steel Wool Pad – Another popular piece of cleaning equipment is the steel wool pad.The steel wool pad with its rough surface is an ideal option to clear those hardened dirt. Marks which are tough to remove using either tire brush or sponge can be removed easily using steel wool pad. Although one needs to be gentle while using the steel wool pad as it can damage the surface of the tire. Using tire brush and sponge to clear the tire and then using steel wool for the more stubborn dirt marks works best. Mild use of steel wool pads is a really effective way to clean your tire off those stubborn dirt stains.
  • Brass Brush – Another standard cleaning equipment which have been around for a while now. Brass brushes have been used by car owners for years now, and they work fine. The tough bristles of a brass brush ensures removal of tough stains and dirt from your tire. They are hard yet soft enough to not damage your tire which makes them ideal options for cleaning tires. Brass brush are some of the conventional products being used for many years now and are very effective.


Professional Products

Rubber Cleaner Products

The rubber cleaner products help touch up all types of dirty Raised Rubber kind of Permanently sticking Tire Stickers. The product works for tires which have traveled thousands of miles of driving. In order to prevent the tire from discoloration or accelerating discoloration ensure to not let the tire cleaner product to remain on the surface area of the display decal for long.

Once the tire shine product is applied to your tire, use a clean piece of towel or a rag to gently wipe the solution clean off the topmost display layer. In order to use rubber cleaner, gently spray the solution onto the towel or rag and wipe the letters clean. Using acetone can help in removing the more difficult stains or other types of adhesive. They are available in most car shops and grocery stores. There are multiple brands providing rubber cleaner products in different brand names. Check the product reviews before choosing a brand.

Bleach White Cleaner Products

Bleach white cleaner is another popular tire cleaning product widely used by car owners. The Bleach white cleaner is made by various different brands and work well in removing stubborn dirt off your tire. Post cleaning of your tire, spray the bleach white cleaner on to a piece of cloth and gently wipe the decals of the tire.

The Bleach white cleaner as the name suggests contains bleach which works as a whitening agent.Therefore, it makes cleaning of white lettered decals easier. Although bleach white cleaner is quite popular, certain patrons have suggested not to use it extensively as it tends to whiten the tire. Therefore, use bleach white cleaner on moderate basis and do not leave the cleaner on for a longer duration. Ensure to clean off the bleach white cleaner after few minutes to prevent whitening of tire.

Bleach white cleaner products are available in every car shop and there are multiple brands selling these compositions. Always check the local reviews before choosing a brand.

Tire Cleaning Gel

Tire cleaning gel are another set of products which are quite popular among car owners. Tire cleaning gels are useful to remove the tough oil stains, brake dust, oil residue and others. The Tire Cleaning gel can be also used to clean the alloy rims which is useful. Owners prefer using tire cleaning gel as they can be used in both tire and rims as well. The acid free formula of cleaning gel makes them effective on rims as well without any corrosive effect. After removing dust and dirt, an even coat should be applied over the tire from a distance of 6 to inches. The cleaning gel should be allowed to sit for about 3 to 5 minutes before wiping it off using a rag or a towel.

Tire cleaning gel are sold both in car shops and are available online. Always refer to reviews by other before choosing your brand.

Foaming Cleaning Solution

Foaming cleaning solution are another set of widely popular cleaning solution. Foaming cleaning solution are supposedly the most safest cleaning agent. Unlike other cleaning agents which tend to discolor the tire if not cleaned off under their stipulated time. Foaming solution works similar to soapy agents. They are the safest product and helps clear dust, dirt oil, brake residue and other such tough stains and dirt.

Cleaning the insides of a car is a special skilled job. There is a lot of spaces on the inside of a car which require special types of cleaning for a good job. Hence, it is more likely for car owners to outsource the job to a professional who can do a thorough job. Cleaning external elements of the car like tires, lights or underside however needs much more frequent cleaning as they tend to get dirty the most.

Why Clean Tires?

Tires are one of the most important element of a car. They are not only the load bearing component of the car, but a nice pair of car tire are important safety measure too. Tires provide grip upon road, navigates the movement of the car and provide comfort to the riders. Tires are the official component of a car which constantly touch the surface, so they are prone to maximum wear and tear. They are also the element which gets dirty the most and the quickest as well. Although tires are made to be tough and used rough, taking care of your car tire is very important for a comfortable and safe riding experience. Cleaning of tires also help maintain its health and ensure a long life. It helps detect any defect or major damage early and rectify it thereby ensuring a safe experience.