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Fonts are a critical design element that can make or break any kind of visual design. Whether you are using it in a poster, a billboard, a signboard, in your business logo, in a banner, etc., choosing the right font can make a huge difference on the overall look and impact of your design.

Fonts add immense value to your text and design. It not only relays information, it tells the readers how they should perceive that information. Fonts are associated with emotions, tone and personality and what one font portrays can be completely different from the other. For example, Comic Sans is a font that is commonly used for something less serious or child-related events, while Times New Roman has a much more serious and formal tone.

Pointy fonts are another common choice as they are unique and can provide the exact tone and personality that you are looking to portray. If you are someone who is not afraid to experiment with some really cool and special fonts, then here are several pointy fonts that you may want to try out.

  • X-Racer

This is a font that looks exactly like it sounds. X-Racer has a bold, fun, sporty, and adventurous feel to it. The extended pointy ends of some of the first and last letters of the word give it a unique look that makes the entire font stand out. This font could be perfect for posters and banners or social media posts about sporting events and other fun and adrenaline-pumping adventures.

  • Still Time

There are many pointy fonts out there that manage to evoke the feeling of nostalgia, as if you are reading some handwritten letter from a long-lost friend. However, Still Time does this very well because of how it manages to look like it’s an actual handwriting while still having a manufactured aesthetic. What adds to its appeal is that it has high readability despite its thin and slim letters.

  • Wolf’s Bane Bold

If you are looking for pointy fonts that are big, bold, clean, and easy to read, then Wolf’s Bane Bold will be perfect for you. This font has a very high appeal because of its simple yet inviting design that would be ideal for all kinds of designs. Whether you are using it in your website, your logo, poster, banner, or social media visuals, there are tons of applications for a font like this.

  • Wolf’s Bane

If you love Wolf’s Bane Bold, but want slimmer or thinner letters that would lessen the impact, then you have Wolf’s Bane. This font has all the charms of the bold version, but less in-your-face because of the thinner letters that are easier on the eyes. All letters in this font are capital letters.

  • Wolf’s Bane Expanded

This is another version of the Wolf’s Bane font, but with a little twist because this font looks more flattened out than the other two. The Wolf’s Bane font family has all kinds of version of the font that you could need, including the Expanded version, which is perfect for those who may be in need of a more impactful and stretched out font.

  • Crime Syndicate

Crime Syndicate is one of those pointy fonts that look extremely familiar because of the bold, slanting design. This font looks stretched out or expanded and its big, bold letters, all of which are in capital letters, make quite an impact on readers. You can use this font when you really want to grab the attention of your readers.

  • Timberwolf

Timberwolf is a font that boasts of tall and bold letters. Its unique design makes it stand out easily, making it ideal for posters and banners. It has a somewhat gothic feel to it, so it definitely has very specific applications and may not be ideal for more serious or formal occasions. All letters in this font are in capital letters.

  • Pyrite

If you are looking for a font that strays far from the usual, then Pyrite will definitely catch your eye. This is one of those pointy fonts that immediately stand out from the sea of design elements. The very pointy letters and its one-of-a-kind renditions of various letters such as the P and the E make this font very different. However, if you want something that is easy to read, this may not be it.

  • Mysterons BRK

Mysterons BRK is a font that is clean and easy to read. It has short and round letters with soft edges. The letters are slim though, which gives this font a very unique appeal. It could be ideal for when you want to make your posters, cards, and logos stand out and attention-grabbing.

  • Claw BRK

Claw BRK is a very fancy font that looks like it belongs in a video game like World or Warcraft. The letters do look very sharp and pointy and have something that looks like rings around them. Its unique design makes it stand out, but it is not ideal for just any occasion. You would need a very specific event or application that would require such a font.

  • Hollow Point

Hollow Point is a pointy font that looks both historic and futuristic. Somehow, it has managed to combine both of these elements perfectly, giving you a unique font that is also easy to read. If you are looking for a font that is compact and clean without missing out on that special visual appeal, then you will appreciate Hollow Point.

  • The Unknown

This is one of those pointy fonts that are big and bold and hard to miss. As mysterious as it sounds, The Unknown is a font that is easy to spot even from a distance because of how fat and bold the letters are. All the letters are capital letters and this font has very high readability too.

  • Ace Records

If you are looking for a pointy font that looks like it came straight out of an ancient manuscript, then Ace Records is definitely it. The unique design of this font, including its very round letters that look like they have been scratched on, is perfect for posters, logos, and even tattoos.

  • Metropolitan

Metropolitan is a font that any movie buff will immediately recognize. If you have seen and loved the iconic 1927 sci-fi movie Metropolis, this font will appeal to you. it is the same font that was used on the poster for the name of the movie. This is one of those pointy fonts that have such a unique value and easily recognizable that you may have to be careful about where you use it.

  • Veal Nerve

Vela Nerve is a pointy font that is bold and hard to miss. The great thing about this font is that despite its bold and fancy, it still has very high readability. The pointy ends of letters such as your V’s and A’s are extended a bit to give the font a unique and refreshing look, which definitely works in its favor.

  • 1 Pena Calvaria

This is one of those pointy fonts that have an old world, historic charm to it. 1 Pena Calvaria looks like it came from an old, Victorian Gothic book. Its pointy letters have a goth-like aesthetic to them, making them stand out easily among other types of fonts. However, since the design is a bit fancy, it may not be ideal for more formal and business purposes.

  • Xaphan

Xaphan is a pointy font that has an element of mystery and adventure to it. It looks like it could belong to an ancient scroll or manuscript that gives you directions to where you can find a valuable and priceless treasure. Its small, round letters are easy on the eyes and are also very easy to read. This font should have many applications including logos, posters, and even tattoos.

  • Should’ve Known

Should’ve Known is a big and bold font with very high readability. It has a clean design, making it a font that means exactly what it says. Its message will be no doubt loud and clear and your readers will definitely know what you are trying to tell them. They will surely not come back saying they should’ve known to pay more attention.

  • Argosy the Second

Argosy the Second is one of those pointy fonts that have a manuscript-like appeal to it. All letters are in capital letters and the slim, evenly-spaced out letters send a clear message to the readers. This font has an air of mystery around it, as it somewhat looks like it could be a scribbling on a wall or any wooden surface like the trunk of a tree. Despite its fancy design, it has a high readability.

  • Jazzy Caveman

Jazzy Caveman is one of those pointy fonts that is as unique as it sounds. It looks exactly like how you probably thought it would – like a caveman writing with a little modern twist. It’s perfect for all kinds of posters and banners where you want to associate a feeling of excitement and fun to your audience.