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In the daily busy world, smartphones are our partners. At present, we can’t visualize without using an android device. Similar to the internal features of a phone, it’s necessary to customize some of its parameters. From the font faces to its size, the constant usage of our phone feels manageable with this personalization. Therefore, to make you more knowledgeable about how to change font on htc, the article is written. For a root smartphone operating system, as HTC has, it can appear to you as complicated. But when you follow this step-by-step guide for changing the font, you will feel comfortable using these features.

The function of HTC Theme in devices?

HTC themes are the theme management setting of HTC with which you can customize your devices. There are multiple theme options in HTC management. Some of them are wallpaper, Icons, sound, and fonts. If you log in with your Gmail account, then you can also download additional fonts, icons from the HTC theme store.

Also, themes are among the features of the HTC home sense. And you can only enjoy updated font styles once you download the latest version of the HTC Sense app.

Stepwise direction to change the font: size, style in HTC U19e

Let’s start with an easy option. Altering fonts without applying roots will be simpler for you to begin.

Google, after several years of experience, has realized users’ taste of customizations of HTC U19. So, based on the version of your device, you can easily apply and change new fonts for HTC U19e. Below you will learn about how to change font on htc U19e:

Step 1: First, you have to go to the parameters option of your U19e smartphone.

Step 2: In the parameters section, you will find a tab called Displays and Signage.

Step3: There, you have to click on the options Font style and size. Following that, go to the option which will ask access for font change from the menu of U19e.

Step 4: After choosing the access for font change option, you have to select the applicable option. There you will find some already installed fonts that are approximately three-fourth in size. You can choose one from them or can also install extra fonts from the option download fonts. You will find two choices of paid and free fonts from which you can choose the suitable one for you.

Step 5: Now, you can change the font size from the menu button.

This process is the simple method of changing font faces and size for your android phone. But if you want to try some advanced way of altering font style, there are more for you.

How to change fonts on HTC with a third-party app.

Sometimes the overlay of the android version can not allow you to change the font style from the above method. So, in that case, you can take the help of a third-party application. Most of these external apps which serve your aim of changing fonts are known as launchers. There’s no complicated process for using the launcher. Only you have to go to the Google Play Store >> search launcher>> install it. After installing a launcher, you will find more than a hundred choices, from where you can apply a font style. If you expect even more personalized fonts than what exists, you have to skip to the last section of the tutorial. There you will find more than 15 percent of customized HTC fonts.

Font up-gradation with the support of root HTC.

Once you are sure, that none of the above two options works for you, then you can opt for the method of routine to apply fonts. You can root your smartphone with the help of an expert. However, always remember that rooting your phone is subject to some risks. With these, you can risk your manufacturer’s warranty so, use rooting accordingly. You can change the fonts through this method in the following ways:

  1. First, download any HTC android font style-changing app like the Hi Fonts.
  2. Then open the app.
  3. Within the app, you will find a series of fonts from which you can pick one. From there, go to the download options.
  4. To use that particular font as a default, you have to go to the option Use.
  5. After that, your phone will wait for some time and will go to auto-restart mode.

Once restarted, the process will finish and soon, you can enjoy your favorite font styles in desirable sizes.


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Altering fonts for the HTC One M8.

The special feature of the HTC One M8 is its Robot light font which mixes effortlessly with the Sense 6 aesthetics. You can easily change the font style now with HTC One M8 in the following way:

Step 1: Go to settings.

In your phone, switch over to the settings option. From there, you will find the section display and gesture. There you will find the font style choice.

Step 2:choose from the default fonts.

The One M8 in its default settings comes with two particular fonts. They are Helvetica and LCD. You can pick either of these two font style. In case you aren’t in the mood to choose one of them, then you have alternatives. You can do so by applying the get font online option. That will navigate you to the play store, a list of all compatible font style apps.

Step 3: how to change font size in HTC?

In case you only wish to change the font size then, go back to the menu option. And from there, go to Display and gestures options. There tab the font size option. Now, you can make your customized adjustments.

Step4: The final act.

The final step to how to change font on htc One M8 is to install the application and make adjustments. Once done, you will see the changes for your phone by yourself.

Font styles that you have to purchase like the flip fonts are also applicable for HTC one M8.

Modifying fonts in HTC 10: detail guide.

The HTC 10 comes with an inclusive blend of various themes and a list of multiple font styles. You can change the fonts by applying the default setup in HTC 10. Here’s a stepwise directory so that you can use those fonts for your convenience.

Press on the home display screen.

You can start your font style setup first by holding a long tap on the empty part of the home screen. After five to seven seconds, you will notice that a pop-up box will appear on your screen. The pop-up box will help you to personalize your phone settings. For HTC 10, it comes in the middle part of the screen. From the number of options, you have to select, edit the current theme setup. This step will ship you from the home screen to another screen.

From the edit current theme, go to the font option at the bottom.

To know how to change font on htc 10, you have to find the font option from the edit current theme. The font option is dropped to the theme options. Now tap on the font labeled option. From there, you will come to a page where you will find a list of numerous font styles. Then a drop-down menu will appear, from there, switch on the HTC section.

Browse the font you choose from the rest.

It is only after browsing through the above section, that you can see various fonts that HTC usually offers. Among all, select the font style that suits you along with the rest. For downloading the font you prefer, go to the download option, which appears in the screen’s right corner.

Tap the apply button.

When you find out that the font style is downloaded, then look for the apply button. After that tap, the apply button and wait for about ten seconds. Soon, you will find that the current theme is changed to the new one. So, enjoy the font style and go to the home theme store. Close all stores and come back to the home page.

Your new font Style and size will appear in every program on your phone. Even in third-party apps, your chosen font style will apply. Though it’s possible that because of the innate feature of done apps, they can override the already settled font. But in most cases, the default font stays only.

How to change font on HTC by flip font?

All smartphones do not come with flip font styles. But luckily, HTC phones come with flip fonts in their features. You can change to flip fonts by using the method:

  1. In your phone, directly go to the settings options.
  2. Then you have to look for the adjustments in the settings section. From there, you have to go through the settings screen.
  3. From there, you can pick the option source. There you will find a complete list of fonts that are already installed in the operating system. There, find the flip font option. Now set that option as a default font.

You can directly choose from other flip font options from the play store and can run them on your phone. Apart from that, there are also third-party apps, which can provide you with a wide range of choices for font sizes and styles. In third-party apps, you can download each source individually without installing the whole pack. For that only permit in your security settings options, installation of unknown sources applications.

Ways to change HTC Desire 820 fonts that don’t have necessary right?

For smartphones like the HTC Desire, 820 changing the font without necessary rights is a bit difficult. But with the support of rooting it can be made possible. In the following steps, you will know how to begin changing font style without rights:

With the support of HTC Desire 820 rooting.

When your mobile phone doesn’t have the required rights to install a font then rooting is the most appropriate idea. With HTC’s desire 820 roots, you will have access to many user-friendly rights to your phone. With these granted rights with the help of roots, you can now modify or update files in your phone system. However, rooting is not an easy option. You require a lot of tricks for it. Take the assistance of an expert to have a good rooting experience. Altogether, rooting your smartphone makes it one step forward as compared to others.

After rooting, install an app that will launch fonts on your phone.

After the complete process of routing install a third-party app that will modify the setup of your HTC Desire 820. You can use highly advanced apps like Fontfix and Ifront. Also, these apps are accessible in the play store itself. So, solely launch it on your gadget. Once downloaded, the system manager of the app will guide you to allow and set up a new font style or font size for your phone.

Note, that be aware of the unlawful apps which claim to help you install the paid font style apps completely free of charge. Such kinds of apps can harm your device and can cause security threats in the future. Even if it’s paid one, search for apps from a trusted source or those that are available in the play store.

It seems that now, with the help of rooting, even installing fonts without necessary rights is easy.

Summing up:

Thus, Solving the problem of how to change font on htc is not a big deal. There are many directions through which you can alter font size, style from HTC devices. Some of them are through rooting, access to third-party apps, or choosing the default font setup. Though, the process for downloading and applying new fonts varies across HTC devices. But for some devices, you can easily use those fonts either by going through this article. Or else you can also look at the manual guide once.

Lastly, be cautious about installing fonts from random apps, as it can threaten the security of your smartphone. Now, be ready to ease your eyes with your favorite font setup!