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Are you bored with the way your phone fonts look? Is it confusing to see the color contrast and font style on your phone? You can change your fonts to whatever style you like. Samsung provides special features to change your font color, style, and size. There are people with vision problems and mental health issues. Samsung helps us to download black and white theme and fonts to make our minds less confusing. The amazing Samsung galaxy offers a brilliant view and with some appealing fonts and styles, the phone looks all the more fashionable.

All people are not tech-savvy. So, it’s natural not to know how to change fonts in Samsung galaxy 8. Here is all the information for you on how to change font color on galaxy s8.


Android OS is very easy to use and understand. Sometimes changing settings like font and theme could be tricky. Here is the full guide on how to change fonts in galaxy 8. There are some options available in the phone directory. You can download your desired font style from the internet. Samsung is a very reputed and reliable brand. Originally from South Korea, Samsung has become a household name everywhere in the world.

Samsung provides great UI and a beautiful handset for your mobile options. There are different models and varieties to choose from. Samsung galaxy series is their most promising and unique fully featured series. Samsung Galaxy 8 was released in April 2017. Even today it has great demand in the market. Samsung provides long-term support and frequent updates to their androids.

Fonts and typography has become more of a personality definition. Fonts are mainly used for information transfer and use. It has become more than that. Font has to deliver emotion, expression, positive vibe and engagement.


Do you want to know how to change font color on galaxy s8? You can change the font size too big or small according to your desire. This is good for the people who are dealing with vision problems. There are users who are not able to read the fonts properly because of the size. Some people have also said that their mind keeps mixing up the letter. Not only a fresh look but it can help users to use it more comfortably.

Step 1

Go to Settings on your phone.

Step 2

Tap font size and style.

Step 3

There are multiple options you can change from here. Adjust the slider for font size according to your preference. The slider can be moved left or right for changing different sizes of the font. Other things that you can change from here are like turning letters bold by switching between the on and off buttons. You can change the font size for your phone as you like. There are some apps that don’t support large fonts.


To change font style in your phone you have to do the same things as in Font size. It is a useful feature with multiple customization options. Changing the font style will give you an edge and style. Samsung gives this feature from Galaxy s8 to change your font style. Its S series has been known for unique feature and style. After s7 the edge, s8 has been a promising model. This South Korean company is one of the oldest brands. You can trust and buy this product without hesitation. It gives user maximum control over their device. You change your font style that shows up on your home screen. It changes the way you text, and write notes in your phone. Samsung provides features that are unique and customizable. It has been a great capability of Samsung.

Here is the step-by-step guide of how to change font color on galaxy s8. Either download it or use the default ones. It will give your phone your desired look. It is not very hard and a beginner or learner can follow these steps easily. This guide will help you to change your phone’s look. This also helps you to know how and where you can change your font style from.

Step 1

You have to go to settings.

Step 2

Tap to font size and style

Step 3

There open multiple options for you. You can change the font style from the given options. If you scroll down, you will see an option to download fonts. That option is for you to custom your style. You can download new fonts from the web.

Step 4

Tap on the download font option. You can go to the galaxy store. It will open the internet. You can do a quick search for Samsung fonts available. Multiple sites will be opened. You can choose the site and search for the font of your choice. There are different apps available on Google pay that gives additional font styles. You can download the apps to use different font styles.

Step 5

Always look for the .ttf file. The .ttf file is an extension for the new font style. Tap the install icon, you wish to download or use.

Step 6

Change the contrast to see how they look better. High contrast will give the fonts better visibility.

Step 7

Go to settings and look for the option of visibility enhancements.

Step 8

Selects visibility enhancements and then switches the button for high contrast fonts.

Install fonts from apps

There is no option to change the font color on your phone. You have to install additional apps to use such a feature. Other apps help you to change your font color with the background display of your phone. You can download new fonts from third-party websites. You just have to find the right file. The monotype imaging inc. is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy phone. You can have the flexibility of using the fonts in other languages. For ex- XDA developers gives you tons of free options.

Step 1

Go to settings from the notification bar

Step 2

Scroll down to display

Step 3

Tap on the options screen zoom and font

Step 4

Choose font style

Step 5

Click on font style and you can choose from the installed fonts or choose the one you like.

Famous font styles


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You can download a whole pack from Google. The more the merrier. You can change the font style according to your mood. There are millions of options available to choose from. You can impress your friends and family. A cool text with your unique font style will make you popular. There is a lot of handwritten fonts available on the internet.

You have to authorize the change of font style. There are two options change the font style from root or for your Samsung phone. New fonts are released and updated every week on the Samsung directory.

You can choose to change the font style of your phone. It will change the fonts on your screen. You will be able to enjoy your new and unique font style. There is an option available to change it in the root. Changing in root means to change it for the android OS. Then it will be visible to other people with whom you connect.

The most interesting property of changing font style is you can change languages. You can choose different languages to write with. Switch it to Korean, Spanish, Hindi, French, etc.

Famous fonts are montserrat, open sans, playfair display, roboto, proxima nova.

Samsung theme galaxy app

Samsung provides a theme app on Google play. You need to download and install the app on your phone. Select the fonts and install them in your phone folder. Save in the folder named “themegalaxy/fonts/custom/”.

Now you can go to the option and select compile custom font from ttf. .ttf is the extension of the font file. Select the checkbox that says use custom box and select the font of your choice. APK file is installed and you can now use your font. There is a default Samsung galaxy platform that opens up when you first click on download fonts.

More apps for fonts

This new era is all about your unique style and customization. Mobile phones are becoming a necessary part of our life. Most of the work is dealt with our phone regularly. There are always new models and designed available in the market to increase the competition and bring new innovations. One of the creative steps is changing our font style. It will give your mobile UI a brand-new look.

The most popular app to provide font download is hiFont. It has the most stylish and coolest design collection. Hifont is known for its unique color-coordinated theme collection. Other famous apps are Apex Launcher, iFont, Fontfix.

Changing your font not only changes your writing style. It changes the look and feel of your phone. Some apps are used for theme changes or home screen changes. All them serve the same purpose of giving the phone a new look. You can customize icons, transition effects, and even have hidden second space. These apps provide changes in font size and color. We can preview, backup, and install from memory space to use it in our phone.

Google play has rated a wonderful rating on these apps. People have given the highest and great reviews to them. They are easy and comfortable to use. Some apps require root access for proper working. The majority of the apps are free to use.

Why change fonts?

Changing fonts on your phone gives it a trendy and attractive look. You spend many hours of your day on your mobile. It’s highly likely that you get bored with the default features. Changing fonts with their color size and style gives your phone a new and fresh look. The apps that help to change the fonts are easy to use and install. They consume less memory space and process very fast. Some apps are particularly designed for Samsung Galaxy and some require root access. It is recommended that novice should not use the app that requires root changes.

The Galaxy S8 is known for its great design. It has a good and attractive interface. The company provides users with a lot of freedom. They allow a lot of customization with their features. It helps to make your phone yours in every sense. You can make changes according to your taste. Some people not only use it for style. It is a requirement. Changing font style and size help the users to see clearly.

This is the guide to know how to change font color on galaxy s8. Changing a feature will make you cheerful and happy. These are the small changes that make you happy. Life could come in full circles and you will be going through a hard day. You use your phone while working or when you are bored. Changing in font style can give you the extra edge that Samsung promises. The new feel and freshness of fonts can turn a bad day into a good one. It gives you more control on your handset.


Whenever you feel like giving your phone a new look. Installing a font app or changing the font style from default options is a good choice. It will give your phone a fresh and new look. The guide is compatible with other galaxy handsets and many other devices like Motorola and HTC. The trend is to give users as much flexibility as you can. Samsung has proved to give users a lot of freedom. Apps are used especially for changing styles and features. Changing fonts is easy for new users also with a little help. Customizations of features will give your phone uniqueness. The above-mentioned guide will help you know how to change fonts in the galaxy S8. So go check out new fonts and update them now!!