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Did you ever introspect what makes interaction via your iPhone so soothing and unique to your eyes? While graphics and colors often grab our attention, we miss out on something quite important- font style on our iPhone devices. However, if you wish to install and then alter fonts on your iPad and iPhone, a specific procedure has to be followed.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of iPhones is that they are highly customizable. The mobile phones from Apple are powered with different features, which you may get familiar with for adjustments. For example, are you aware that the fonts on your iPhone can be changed? There are many different types of fonts you can opt for in case you are not fond of the typical standard font available.

Many of you must be already aware of the fact that custom fonts cannot be installed on iPhones without using an additional app. Before 2014, it was not even possible to change the font in iPhone without jailbreaking. However, luckily some apps can change your iPhone’s font style now. It is possible to change email fonts, system fonts, as well as, keyword fonts. Continue reading the article to know how to change font on iPhone without jailbreaking.

There are many situations when you want to change your iOS device’s font style. Yet, it is not possible with an iPhone as Apple did not include this particular feature. You will learn how certain apps can be installed for changing the font style of your iPhone. First, let us see the default font used by your iPhone.

What is the default font used by an iPhone?

Many people feel that no matter what version of an iPhone they purchase, it uses the same font as standard. However, that is not the case contrary to popular beliefs. If you closely look at the various models, you will also realize this. For example, iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, as well as the 3GS have the Helvetica font as standard.

However, the iPhone 4 and certain models that were released after that come with a font that Apple christened as Helvetica Neue. Although it has got certain similarities with the original Helvetica font, there are subtle differences as well.

When iOS versions 7 & 8 were launched for iPhones, Apple included Helvetica Ultra-Light or Light as the standard font. When iOS version 9 was launched, a new font called San Francisco was introduced. The same font is also used by the Apple Watch as well. Meanwhile, iOS 10, 11, as well as, 12 used a font called SF Pro.

On the other hand, iPads, which were launched before the release of the iPhone, used fonts such as Espy Sans, Chicago, or Myriad. However, after the launch of the iPhone, the iPad began to use Helvetica as the standard font.

There is another important consideration to make before changing your iPhone’s font. You have to decide which specific aspects of your device you wish to concentrate on for changing the font. For instance, you may want to change font only for emails. Or, you may wish to alter the font for your apps and iMessage could be another area. It is possible to alter the font for all these elements when you are aware of the process.

Using AnyFont App to Change Font without Jailbreaking on iPhone

It is imperative to note that today; jailbreaking is not the sole way for changing fonts on your iPhone. It is also possible to alter fonts via specific apps, which are available on the market. One such popular app is known as AnyFont. You can enjoy unrestricted access to different fonts through this app.

AnyFont makes sure that when the user wants to stylize their documents/apps, they can download custom fonts first. The new font can be utilized by them rather than being stuck with a limited collection of default fonts. We all know that iOS is of a closed-off nature. So, many users are under the impression that it is not possible to install custom fonts on their iOS devices. In reality, though, it is extremely easy to get up, as well as use AnyFont to do so.

There is a possibility that many iPhone owners did not install the custom fonts on their devices earlier. They did not feel the need to do so. It is also possible that they did not feel their device was user-friendly enough to change fonts easily.

One major disadvantage of the AnyFont app is that it does not permit the user to alter their iPhones’ system font. On the other hand, the advantage of this app is that it can be used to add fonts to your iPhone first. Thereafter, it can be used for various software applications such as Word, Excel, other 3rd-party apps, and Keynotes. In case you want to do that, simply purchase AnyFont at a nominal rate through iTunes or in the App Store.

After you have downloaded the AnyFont app, key in the font you are trying to locate into the search engine, which is a component of the app. You could select something like OTC, TCC, or OTF. Key in the one you wish to have and it is the app’s responsibility to type it for you in case it is available.

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Here are the steps to change fonts on your iPhone device with the help of the AnyFont app.

Step 1: Locate the font that you wish to add to your iPhone

Step 2: Take the help of your search engine to input the font type you want to add to the device. For instance, it can be OTF, TFF, or TCC.

Step 3: The results of your search query will show several websites. You can go to any one of them to download the desired font without paying anything for it.

Step 4: Once the font has been downloaded, your next step should be to email it to your own email id as an attachment. After all, you need to install this new font on your iPhone.

Step 5: An iOS device includes a feature called “Open in…. The feature enables you to install a new font on your iOS device.

Step 6: You simply have to access this email through your iPhone. Open the email and then tap on its attachment. Choose the “Open in…” feature and select AnyFont.

Step 7: After the font has been downloaded to AnyFont, it can be seen on the available font list. You can now install this downloaded font into your iOS device.

Step 8: However, just before installing the new font, a special certificate has to be installed by you.

Step 9: Once the installation of this special certificate is done, it is now time to install the app.

Step 10: Your final step would be to allow the usage of the newly installed font to the apps in your iPhone. Simply close and then restart it open. The app can now use the newly installed font on the iOS device.

While AnyFont is a wonderful app to change the font on your iPhone without jailbreaking, your system apps cannot use the newly installed fonts. If you want that your system app should use the new fonts, you have to install another app on the device.

Changing the font on iOS 12 without jailbreaking

Are you wondering how to change font on iphone without jailbreaking  if you are using iOS 12? Several people all over the globe are highly appreciative of iOS12 for its extremely intuitive and responsive user interface. The operating system also offers an opportunity to users to change the style or size of the font depending on their preferences. It can be done both through jailbreaking, as well as, without jailbreaking. We will discuss how to change the font in iOS 12 devices without jailbreaking.

Step 1: Go to App Store

The first step would be to download the font application to the iOS device for experiencing the different font styles and sizes. You have to click on the App Store icon on your iPhone to download.

Step 2: Download and then install the “Fonts Application”

You should first download the Fonts Application from the App Store on your device and install it. Doing so will give you access to various font styles from the web so that you can choose your desired one for your iPhone.

Step 3: Choose “Fonts Application”

After you have downloaded the chosen application, you have to then click on the Fonts application.

Step 4: Open the Fonts Application

Your next step would be to locate the fonts application that you want to open so that you can see the various fonts available. The font that you choose can be compatible with a majority of other apps too.

Step 5: Choose Settings

Next, you have to choose the option called Settings so that you can view the various iOS device settings there.

Step 6: Choose General Option

You have to choose the General option in the Settings section so that the basic settings for your iOS device can be viewed.

Step 7: Choose Keyboard Choice

You have to click the option called Keyboard in the General Settings choice. It will give you access to input-related settings for the keyboard.

Step 8: Choose Keyboards Option

You will come across several choices in the keyboard settings such as auto-correction, enabling auto-capitalization, dictation, and so on. You have to once again select the Keyboards choice.

Step 9: Choose the Edit Option

You have to choose the Edit option in the Keyboards Settings so that the selected font can be edited and modified.

 Step 10: Choose Fonts

Click on the Fonts option next to find the list of fonts the iOS device has. You need to select your preferred font from this list. It is also possible to choose the Add Keyboard option for adding a fresh keyboard layout style for your device.

Step 11: Choose Done

You have to click on the Done button after choosing the preferred font style for your device.

Step 12: Choose the Oval Symbol

In the message or text editor app, click on the Oval symbol next. The symbol is available at the screen’s left bottom.

Step 13: Choose the Fonts

Once the oval symbol is clicked, you have to click on the Fonts from the displayed choices.

 Step 14: Various Font Styles are Available

You will see that various font styles are displayed for your iOS device to choose from.

Users can get the maximum freedom for changing font styles on their iOS devices by jailbreaking them. If you are yet to hear the term jailbreaking, here is a brief explanation. The term means when the user attaches his/her iPhone to a PC or a laptop through the USB cable. Then someone else or they use a program for fundamentally changing the software of their iPhone. It is then possible to change the font of an iPhone in several ways, as well as, various other changes.

 Jailbreaking appears to be an attractive choice to some people. However, we do not recommend you jailbreak your iPhone. It is possible to use apps, which were not initially available on App Store. These apps may not have been originally designed to be used on Apple products.

In case a user jailbreaks his/her iPhone, the device is left open to several more system vulnerabilities that would otherwise not exist in the first place. For instance, your iPhone can then contract a virus quite easily. Additionally, your sensitive information may get robbed when you jailbreak your iPhone. Doing so can also nullify the AppleCare+ or standard warranty in case you have paid for it.

 There is hardly anyone who does not wish to customize their mobile phones in different ways to fulfill their wishes. These customization features can range from fonts to menu arrangement and from wallpapers to themes. There was a time when users of iPhone/iPad have faced problems while altering the fonts on the devices. Many of them resorted to jailbreaking to change the fonts on their devices. However, thanks to certain new apps, it has become simpler to customize fonts on your iPhone including the system fonts, iMessage, email, and app font. We hope you will now be more at ease with the steps for how to change font on iPhone without jailbreaking.