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Obsession is not a new word. Everyone is engrossed with something or the other, and being obsessed with a cat has been around for thousands of years. From the Egyptians who worshipped them to voyagers who took them along to catch rodents, cats have been our companions for ages. It is no wonder that these furry felines are famous on the internet. There is nothing about them that you cannot love.

The obsession with cats is at a new level on the internet. Some cats are known around the world, such as the Tardar Sauce, aka “Grumpy Cat,” Nora the piano cat, Shironeko, the relaxed cat, Maru and his boxes, Venus the two-faced cat, Colonel Meow, and more. But why are people so obsessed with these furry felines? Here are some reasons why!

  • Cats never evolved as dogs did, and hence their behavior, which often appears confused, looks cute.
  • They are either unaware or do not care about the camera, allowing for authentic entertainment
  • They rely on their social behavior rather than learn how to deal with humans, and their body language is similar to how they communicate with other cats.
  • Their independent nature makes them an interesting subject
  • It is easier to catch them being silly though they may be offensive if they are called silly
  • Their playful intuitiveness is very appealing

There are several reasons why cats are more popular on the internet compared to other animals. But what is more interesting is that the obsession with the furry felines is taken another level up with cat fonts.

What are cat fonts?

Given how popular cats were on the internet, cat lovers were glad to have a platform to communicate with each other and share their stories. Unlike dog parents who meet in the park or someplace where they walk their dogs, cat parents never had a platform to express how much they adored their feline friends. The internet was a boon to cat lovers who started showing their creative side with cat photographs, videos, drawings, paintings, and more.

The internet is a world of opportunities. Given how popular cats were on the internet, some experts came up with cat fonts in honor of these feline friends. The fonts became so popular that several companies started customizing the fonts to fit their benefit. Cat fonts became popular and everyone wanted to be a part of it, including children, who found them to be enticing.

Why are cat fonts famous with children?

We are living in a world where everyone is a part of the internet. Children as young as five are making millions off the internet with their creativity. When you introduce something new on the internet, you must make sure that you have thought about the children actively participating in it as well. Fortunately, creators of cat fonts had just them in their minds when they created cat fonts.

Kids’ fonts should always be about fun. It must be attractive and interesting as well. You may find many different fonts made for children, but here are some reasons why cat fonts are popular.

  • Cats are the most popular choice for pets and hence cat fonts are more attractive to children
  • The different expressions cats give are enticing, making them more suitable for a font
  • These smart creatures are always active that is captured in the fonts, which the children can relate to
  • Cats are funny and make children laugh and smile, which is why they are more attractive as a font
  • Their body stretches in different ways making them the best choice for fonts; children can recognize their stretches in fonts
  • Cats have a positive effect on children, and cat fonts do as well
  • Their playful moods make them the perfect model for font making.
  • The fonts keep the children enticed and excited

Cats not only make children happy, but they also play a vital role in the making of cat fonts that are fun for kids.

What are the different types of cat fonts?

There are several different types of cat fonts that are available on the internet now. While some are suitable for OS such as android, others are best suited for handwriting. The fonts can be downloaded and used as best seen fit. Here are some of the most popular fonts on the internet.

Cats Alphabet

Cats are very bendy. They can stretch in many different ways that we humans find impossible to do so. One of the best depictions of their flexibility is seen in this font.

Vamp Kitten

Cats as vampires look so cute, don’t they? Have you tried dressing up your cat as a vampire? Once you take a look at these vamp kitten fonts, you are bound to give it a try.


The Addie font is the brainchild of La Vie Dansante. These fonts look like the abstract of cat pictures in different positions. The guess is that Addie is the creator’s cat.

Bad Black Cat

These fonts are just too cute to be called bad. Imagine a full black cat on a white couch with the eyes closed. That’s how the fonts look like. They are simply adorable and just right for kids.

AEZ Black Cat

The AEZ black Cat font has a stretched cat next to the alphabets. Creator Adult Ramblings has made it easier for kids to recognize the fonts and make them easier for use.

AEZ Crazy Cats

One of the greatest cat fonts is the AEZ black Cat font by creator Adult Ramblings. It has everything, from a cat on a bowling ball to a cat on your head, as well as a cat wedding in the fonts.

Cats CSP

If you are looking for some of the cutest fonts, then you must download Cats CSP. It has a cat in a full stretch to a cat sitting on the fence with a pillow that is so adorable that you would want to adopt a cat as a pet.

Catt Art

The mind-boggling illustration in this font is just worth the applause. From a cat in a cradle to a kitten playing with a ball, you will find several great attractive illustrations here.

Cat Bats

The creator of this font Metaphase Brothel Graphix has used cats with long ears in these fonts. Maybe that’s why they are called Cat Bats.

Cat Stuff

Cat Stuff is a creative font by Darrian Lynx, who has combined the forces of an artistic font with a black cat, making it interesting and easy to use for children.


As much as the name is not suitable for children, the font is extremely stylish and fascinating. Children would love to use these fonts.

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Cats are just so cute that you would want to have them over with you all the time, and not just over the weekend. The maker of Ali-fonts, Barb Johnson, believes that the fonts make up for the loss of time.


The fonts are simply every position your cat has ever been in. Have you noticed that your cat defines a ‘Q’ when they curl and sleep? Isn’t that cute?

Cat Cat

The fonts of Cat Cat look like they are made of Swiss Cheese. That’s how they look! They are simply cats hanging around blocks of cheese.

That Darn Cat

If you are wondering why the font is named ‘the darn cat’, have you ever experienced cat paws all over your child’s homework, or on your office document? That’s what is special about this font. It has paws over every letter.

Kitty Cats

The kitty cats font is quite confusing. But for a cat lover, it is just adorable how the cat poses are used as alphabets. Children can use it as a code language and have some fun!

WW KuteKats

WW KuteKats offers only the lower case of the alphabets but they are too adorable to miss. There’s a reason why they offer only lower case. They are all kittens! Can’t get cuter than this, can it?

Austie Bost Kitten Klub

The Austie Bost Kitten Klub fonts are just too cute to be missed. They are simply fonts with paws around, making them easier to read and use.

Katz Catz

One of the cutest cat fonts is the Katz Catz, which makes use of an adorable kitten next to regular font.

KR Black Kat

KR Black Kat is quite simple, yet very attractive. The font makes use of a cat shadow within the letters.

LCR Cat’s Meow

From a cat in a jug to a cat wearing clothes, these fonts are just too cute. One glance at them and children would love playing around.

Cats Vs Dogs

If you are wondering who won the battle of the fonts, the dogs are in lowercase in this font. So you know who won!

Kitty Face

This is one font you must not miss. They are too cute to be true, and yet they are there, right in front of your eye, waiting to be played around with. It is one of the best fonts to practice hand lettering.

FB Nyan

The best is always kept for the last. There is no good way of describing this font. Download them immediately.

Several other cat fonts are fun for kids, such as Karen’s Kittens, LMS Cat Treats, Border Cats, BM Neco, Simple Cat, Little Paws, CitCat, and Quiet Meows. Every font is unique and offers some benefit to adults and a lot of fun to children using them.