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The magic of 3D, whether in lettering or art, is the oxymoron of creating 3D effects on a 2D surface. Traditional artists had created 3d images and lettering for commercial purposes on many materials besides paper. They include:

i. Glass.

ii. Wood.

iii. Metal.

iv. Leather.

The advent of advanced technology enabled users to create their 3D work without depending on professionals. Commercials and events have taken a different turn altogether with remote viewing and accessing being the new norm. This has brought screens of all kinds into prominence, not to mention the popularity 3d lettering received from films.

3D Lettering on the Big Screen

Who can forget the following films that etched 3D lettering in moviegoers’ minds?

i. Star Wars.

ii. Back to the Future.

iii. Superman.

iv. Indiana Jones.

At the same time, it is an interesting fact that the first 3d film ‘Power of Love’ was premiered way back in 1922.

The magic of 3D lettering has now become more popular with many 3d font generators available online.

Realistic Onscreen Typography and 3D Font Generators

A lot of realistic style results and Virtual Reality effects are in demand due to their stamping effect on the human brain. Putting in a little 3D effect to a project will take it to the next level. Designers are aware of the trend and 3D lettering has become an integral part of ongoing design currents. A side result is the inevitable 3d font generator that helps designers create awesome lettering.

The adaptability of Screens to 3D Lettering

How many of you have noticed a few texts on your system screen that sometimes hover a bit in front of the monitor? This subtle effect usually happens with black texts on a white background and the brightness is way high. Remember the prologue 3D lettering displayed on movie screens at the beginning of all Star Wars series. Screens have natural adaptability to 3D fonts and can automatically adjust to create realistic effects.

What are 3D Font Generators?

There are numerous graphic design tools available to create exquisite designs. Lettering is an unavoidable segment of graphic design. The superior look of 3D lettering has made it inevitable in most projects meant for the screen. Businesses aware of the current trends are now going for 3D logos.

Popular designing software like Photoshop and Paint support 3D lettering. A designer can use the fonts preinstalled in a program for his or her projects. These fonts are generic and available to everyone. New fonts will increase the uniqueness of designs and that is what businesses require for their branding. A good 3D font generator is the best solution to this issue.

A website that converts your text into 3D typography is a 3D font generator in the simplest terms. They also permit you to download their proprietary 3D lettering, sometimes at a price. These fonts can be put to use in many ways like:

i. Flyers.

ii. Posters.

iii. Invitations.

iv. Brochures.

v. Logos.

vi. Website designs.

vii. Company logo.

viii. Book covers.

How to Find A 3D Font Generator?

There are many font generators available online. Use your search engine with the proper keywords to get a good and user-friendly 3D font generator. The most appropriate keywords are:

i. The Latest 3D font generators.

ii. The best 3D font generator.

iii. 3D fonts for graphic designing.

iv. Free 3D fonts for logo creation.

v. The perfect 3D font generator.

Any of these keywords will give access to the homepages of many great websites.

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Using a Text Generator

There are three types of 3D font generators.

i. Download only: The user can view the various types of 3D fonts available on the website. One or more suitable fonts can be selected for downloading. They can be installed on your system and out to use for creating great designs.

ii. Design only: These types of websites allow the user to create their designs online. They need to first select a font and input the content. The website will display the content using the selected font. You can make changes and download the finished project directly on to your systems, but not the font.

iii. Design and download: Most 3D font generators allow the user to download the fonts. Some have the facility to create and edit designs to download the final job. Certain websites have the option to do all these functions:

i. Download a 3D font.

ii. Create your design online and download the outcome.

It is better to view a few such websites before deciding on the function that best suits you.

3D Text Designing for Dummies

Let us now go through a specimen 3D font generator website chosen at random from a hoard of results. The process is too easy that a novice who recently learned to use a computer can create fascinating designs.

I followed the below steps to create my design:

i. From the home page, select ‘3D text.’ (The choice of words can vary. Some sites may use ‘logo’ instead of ‘text.’)

ii. Click on ‘edit text.’ This will open a new page with an input box where you can type your matter.

iii. The box will initially show the name of the font with the resultant 3D text displayed as the heading of the page. Click inside the box and delete all content.

iv. Type your content in the box and wait a few seconds for the heading to load. The new heading will display your matter in the 3D text.

You will amaze at the ease with which you created such a fantastic design that is perfect for the screen.

Editing the New Design

The newly created content can be edited to make it suit the nature of the project. You will be able to see a few menu tabs above the input box. They are:

i. Text (we already used this to create our very first design.)

ii. Logo.

iii. Shadow.

iv. Background.

v. Image.

There are other options below the text box to do advanced editing. They are:

i. Font size.

ii. Text padding.

iii. Grow size.

iv. Letter spacing and line spacing.

You can do a couple of mock trials to learn the nuances of creating 3D lettering online before moving on to the actual project. When you look at the final job, you will realize Why 3D lettering is perfect for the screen.