Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), also called ‘vinyl,’ and is a sturdy, pliable material. PVC can be used in a number of ways, from housing solutions to clothing to simple stickers. Often, vinyl lettering is the most inexpensive and long-lasting solution to graphic signage. It is a simple and quick solution, opted by many for convenience. In fact, look around you! You are bound to have seen vinyl letterings on the window of the local convenience store or as stick-on advertisements on cabs.

Why Should You Use Vinyl Letterings?

Generally, any kind of stickers or posters are used for advertisements or promotions. Vinyl has become the go-to material for such purposes as they are economical, durable, convenient, and aesthetic. As opposed to paper, vinyl letterings are more durable as they are weather-proof and do not fade over time. This means that vinyl letterings can last over a number of years without any maintenance and upkeep. It is even better than hand-painted letterings, which can take a lot of time and labor. Vinyl letterings are very commonly seen in public places as they are resistant to not just weather but also regular wear and tear.

Advantages of Vinyl Letterings:

  1. Durable- Vinyl is the first choice when it comes to weather-proofing anything, Even buildings nowadays use PVC as a weather-resistant coat. This stands true even for vinyl letterings. Many times, vinyl letterings are used for advertising on floors or for giving walking directions as they can withstand heavy footfall. In fact, vinyl is the only signage that can be used on boats as they are water-resistant.
  2. Economical- Vinyl letterings can be manufactured en masse or as per the customer’s preference. Nonetheless, it is very economical as it is cheaper to produce than paper or hand-painted signs. In terms of the durability, there is no competition, and hence, it is completely value-for-money. In fact, even for shorter programs, many people opt for printed vinyl signs as they are easy to procure and remove.
  3. Customizable- Since vinyl letterings are digitally printed, there are millions of ways in which they can be customized. You can include graphics or images as per your need and use any font or language in vinyl print. Also, the vinyl graphic can be given any kind of finish- matte, gloss or semi-gloss. Vinyl decals can also be created to replicate any texture like wood, metal etc. They can be created in any color or design.
  4. Easy-to-install- Once vinyl letterings are printed or cut, depending on your preference, they are very easy to install. You only need to peel the sticker and stick it on the desired surface. To secure it further, it is simply pressed with a cloth. Printed vinyl letterings are easier to stick. On the other hand, cut vinyl letterings have to be installed more carefully but give the illusion of being hand-painted.
  5. Ease of Advertising- Vinyl lettering is a very convenient way of advertising, and they are also attractive. They are bound to catch the attention of passers-by, making them foolproof. Take, for example, the vinyl letterings that are used on taxis and public conveyances. They are economical and attention-grabbing. At least a hundred people look at such advertising every day, without fail. There is no need to put any additional banner or poster, and only a simple, printed vinyl lettering is enough to put the message across.
  6. Space-saving- Just like the ease of advertising that vinyl provides, it is also very space-saving. For small business that do not have space to put up banners or need to utilize the available space, vinyl letterings are a great option. This is because they stick directly to any non-porous surface and stay there firmly. They can also be corroborated as per size requirements, and also duplicated easily. Such space-saving not only utilizes the existing space but also attracts the attention of clients easily.

Where can Vinyl Letterings be used?

The most common space where vinyl letterings are used are vehicles. For all the reasons given above, cars and buses have become a great place to advertise. You may have even seen vinyl decals on public transport vehicles, sometimes covering the entire surface of the vehicle. It is also common to put vinyl letterings on windows and doors of shops. It is economical to use vinyl prints instead of banners to display the name of a local, small-scale business or professional service.

The best things about vinyl letterings or decals is that they can be easily removed. Once the design or the advertised event is outdated, the decals can be easily removed without leaving any stains. New letterings or designs an be installed in the same place. This cuts down on costs and provides the scope to keep updating the advertising. In all senses, vinyl letterings are 24×7 advertising tools because they don’t need to be lit up or maintained separately. They just advertise by being there.

With vinyl lettering, there are endless options. Decals can be in any shape, color, font, texture, finish or size. This allows for the branding to be unique and attractive. The letterings are not limited to the fonts known to the company making the design. You can choose the fonts and designs as per your preference and from anywhere, as it will eventually be printed. This also gives you the freedom to give a free rein to your creative abilities.

You can use vinyl letterings on the following surfaces:

  • Advertisement on Vehicles – If a company has a fleet of vehicles, adding vinyl letterings to the windows will make them uniform. It will also capitalize on the space available and increase commercial visibility. You can provide essential information like the name of the company, contact number, slogan, logos, and any relevant information on these designs as they will stand out. Anyone seeing these lettering will know that the vehicles belong to one fleet and will easily recognize the company. They will also remember the information provided easily if they see it everywhere. This will help the business grow.
  • Windows or Doors of small businesses – Even if your business isn’t big enough to advertise on multiple platforms, it is easy to advertise through vinyl letterings. Decorate your storefront or windows with vinyl letterings to increase visibility. This way even if your business is shut, anyone can see information about your business on your windows and door. You can even choose to put the vinyl lettering on the inside in a way that it is legible from outside but not possible to remove. Vinyl letterings are very customizable and you can choose where to have the sticker. This ensures better longevity of your advertisement.
  • Promotional Stickers – For even smaller businesses, it is possible to print vinyl designs in bulk and distribute as stickers. The same stickers can be put at multiple venues to increase the visibility of your business. This is a more economical and weather-resistant alternative to hand-outs which are easy to lose. Even big companies give extra vinyl stickers with their products so that consumers can put them randomly on surfaces. This can either be in the form of the company’s logo, name or copyrighted design. This increases visibility and familiarity to the product, even if the surface on which it sticks is non-relevant. As a form of covert advertisement, it that helps to increase the brand-name. The use of vinyl letterings is unlimited.

To sum it up, Vinyl Letterings have an edge because:

  • PVC can resist extreme temperatures
  • It can withstand humidity and moisture
  • It is more affordable than painting banners or hoardings
  • It can be designed in any way
  • It can be bright and attractive
  • It can be customized with regard to fonts, designs and graphics
  • It comes in a variety of finishes like gloss, semi-gloss and matte
  • Vinyl is environmentally friendly
  • It is time-efficient
  • It is durable
  • It can be removed easily, without leaving any residue

Where can you find vinyl letterings?

Vinyl letters can be easily obtained from any design and decoration shops. In large scale productions, vinyl letters often come pre-cut on an adhesive base. They are easily available as strips of fonts, of varying sizes. These strips contain the many letters of the alphabets with extra vowels for ease of use. For an informal or casual use, such vinyl stickers are generally enough.

If you want to use vinyl lettering for a bigger area or for purposes like signs and business ventures, it’s better to get them custom-made from professionals. Many designing companies and printers have such services at a nominal price. Like all things that can be mass-produced, increase in numbers will reduce costs per piece. Often vinyl lettering is so cheap that companies generally get them made in bulk unless they are big designs that are more decorative.

Vinyl letterings can also be cut at home with the help of good scissors and sheets of PVC. But this is unnecessarily time-consuming unless you are an expert. It makes more sense to get them custom-made. There are many companies that take orders online where you can give in your customized orders. They will print them as per your preference and deliver them to you. You can very easily install these letterings on your own.