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It is a fact that designers love fancy fonts. Typographers and designers alike know the importance of suitable fonts in projects. The problem, however, becomes to find a place which boasts a wide array of fonts. In this article, we have made a list of some of the best resources for fonts available on the internet. As you would have guessed, good things don’t come from free. The list consists of platforms and websites which offer paid fonts. After all, fonts are intellectual property.

Another thing to note here is that each of these platforms and websites have their own licensing policies. Due to the sheer size and the number of points contained in a licensing agreement, this article will not cover that aspect. Therefore, you’re advised to look into the licensing agreements before using a font in a project. Without further ado, here are the best 15 platforms and sites to buy premium fonts from. Please note that these are not ranked, but we’ve saved the best for the last:


A-2 Type is a library of fonts founded by a London-based design studio. The studio goes by the name of A-2/SW/HK. A-2 has expanded their library of fonts. In 2010, they just had 15 fonts. This resource is quite small compared to the other resources featured on this list. You can buy fonts on the basis of weight and license.

Colophon Foundry:

As they’ve mentioned in their website, Colophon is an international, award-winning foundry based in London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA). They supply typefaces for analog and digital media production. What’s more is that you can contact them and get your customized typeface made. Their high-quality fonts and flexibility to customize makes them one of the best foundries online. The range that they offer is also pretty wide as they offer fonts made by other designers. If you’re bent on customisation then Colophon is the right place for you to get your fonts.

Hungry JPEG:

Hungry JPEG features a number of graphic designs and craft resources. Fonts are just one of the products sold by this vendor. You can either buy a single font or invest in bundles. Hungry JPEG is one of the most budget-friendly font vendors out there on the internet. If you’re a budding graphic designer who doesn’t want to spend a lot on their first project then Hungry JPEG is the place for you to get resources. You’ll end up saving a lot of money on bundles and collections. Hungry JPEG works with various designers and offer collections of their works. This way, you not only get designer fonts but also a lot of other graphic design goodies like clip art, illustrations, etc.


Fonthaus is one of the first independent digital font retailers in the US market. FontHaus sources its fonts from a variety of libraries and foundries such as Adobe, Monotype, etc. It features well over 92000 fonts. If you’re a typographer or a designer looking for options, you won’t run out of them with FontHaus. You’re more likely to find fonts by up and coming designers in the field on FontHaus. You can either buy single fonts or invest in bundles of fonts on their website.


CreativeMarket is more of a platform where you can browse different fonts – paid and free. It is more like a gathering place for designers who come to buy fonts or sell the ones they’ve designed. CreativeMarket is not linked with any corporation and features fonts and other graphic elements from diverse sources. It is popular among designers who look for options and variety. Their library of fonts is still growing and it is estimated that it features over 34000 types of fonts. It might not be the biggest library for fonts but it surely should be checked out, if you’re looking for variety.

Font Bundles:

Font Bundles is a store which features free as well as premium fonts. It also offers bundles which are available for a limited time. Font Bundles is an appropriate choice for designers looking to stay within their budgets when shopping for fonts. The bundles offered by this vendor offer collections of fonts for a very low price. Font Bundles also has other sites associated with it like which designers can check out for other graphic design resources. The store also offers various deals such asas the one-dollar deal, which are quite budget-friendly.

Envato Elements:

Similar to its fancy name, this supplier of graphic design elements features premium fancy fonts. Envato Elements stands out among other vendors and stores which offer fonts in one prominent way. Instead of buying fonts and other assets, users can access the digital elements like fonts through a monthly subscription. Envato Elements features over 7000 fonts and various other digital assets. It’s a good place to start looking for premium fonts as their font designs are diverse. If you’re a designer by profession, a subscription to a website like this would come in handy.


Letrs is another subscription-based font provider. It is a cloud-based services that provides a range of typefaces and it is compatible with MacOS. Among other font services which offer fonts and other digital assets based on a subscription, Letrs is the best in business. However, the thing that is to be noted here is that it only works with MacOS. Letrs is great for those designers who work in teams as you can store your existing fonts in the cloud and these can be then accessed by other devices. Thus, you can create a team account and work with fonts simultaneously on different devices.


If we talk about classic typefaces such as Helvetica, Frutiger, etc. the name Linotype comes to mind. Linotype is where these classic fonts originated from. Before it was acquired by Monotype, this library used to be the biggest in the world for fonts. Linotype’s emphasis is on quality and thus, it only deals in premium fonts. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, then Linotype is not for you. It is very expensive but the quality of fonts that it offers makes up for the prices.

Adobe Fonts:

Everyone is familiar with the name ‘Adobe’. It is a trusted household name when it comes to the digital space. Apart from creating magnificent software, Adobe also has a fonts library which features different fonts. All you need to do is create an account in creative cloud. After that, you can access the library of fonts through it. Thus, requiring you to only spend money on typefaces. The fonts featured on this marketplace are quite diverse and you would find quality content there.


FontSpring is another entry in our list which is good for the budget. The fact that you can buy fonts per-weight on this website makes it very wallet-friendly. Again, if you’re a new designer working on your initial projects, FontSpring might just be the right place for you. You can start looking here for fonts and you won’t be disappointed. They have a decent range of fonts with enough diversity in design. Morever, their licensing policies and agreements are also quite simple and you won’t have too much problem with the licensing.

Hoefler and Frere Jones:

You’ve probably used the font Gotham a lot. Almost every designer ends up using it at one point in their career. This beautiful font is the creation of none other than Hoefler and Frere Jones. This company makes some of the most beautiful fonts available on the whole wide web. Their focus is on the aesthetic of the font and they carry out their work very well. If you take a look at their collection of fonts, you’d be mesmerized by the beauty. In a sense, they’ve created a niche for themselves in the font business. If you’re looking for something aesthetic then Hoefler and Frere Jones is the place where you should start looking.

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FontFont is another very famous library for fonts on the market. It is claimed that it is the biggest library of original typefaces in the world. The sheer number of fonts and font families in this library will astonish you. On FontFont, almost every recognised font is available for purchase. This library then caters to those designers who look to change fonts quite often in their projects and require a diverse range.


Fontshop is quite similar to FontFont. It is also quite a big library of fonts where you can access free or premium fonts, depending on what you want. Moreover, it claims to be the best website for fonts needed for web or print. It features a wide range of fonts and thus, it won’t disappoint those who are looking for variety.


When it comes to the best in business, Myfont’s name surely comes up. MyFont has almost everything available on it. You name it and you’ll probably get it on MyFont. Apart from featuring a wide range of premium fonts, MyFont also has free fonts for those who are not looking to spend money. Their website also has a great tool called ‘WhatTheFont’ which can identity the type of font.